[Esgrima 2] WF Boss list.

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Have you ever wondered which boss you were fighting after a long battle in War Factory? Well don’t worry anymore cause here is a complete list so you are never lost again.

War Factory Boss list

1. Mr Wong (Also known as “the ninja dodjer”)
2. Firecracker
3. Whalthzer
4. Lost crusader
5. Envenenador
6. Marauder
7. Bison walker
8. Duke Vincent (also known as Duke Lagalagalagalot)
9. Great Thorlock
10. FireLord

War Factory notes
(special thanks to the Humanwars Guild for all the WF runs and fun):

1.Never enter a War Factory team that passed the 1st Boss or there is a high chance for the whole WF to collapse
2. SOmetimes loading takes a while so always wait for all 6 of your team-mates to enter…buff, or use mana pot, or anger pot or simply wait…
3. Everyone should have mana pots with them and some should have resurrection scrolls just in case…
4. Front row people should ideally be of 500+ defence but a good cleric at the back can sustain 400+ teams in the front.
5. The 8th boss (Duke Vincent) lags so much you may think the game is stuck…do not panic! Click on him and shoot.
6. War Factory runs have taken me from as short as 18minutes to as long as 1hour 30minutes, it depends on the team and loading luck, but always prepare yourself for a long run if you only have 30mins to spare do not enter a WF raid!
7. If you are really interested in WF runs then get your best character to a good defence and DPS so you can be an asset to any team and join a good guild that does WF runs often.