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Introducing: League Fortresses (League vs League )

Over the past few months, members of the Legacy of Heroes community have made it abundantly clear that they want additional exciting things to do with their Leagues . After listening to your requests (and concerns) we decided that we wanted our new feature to offer players:

1) Meaningful reasons to interact with their fellow League members (beyond League Brawls )
2) Additional asynchronous League content (so players won’t always have to coordinate their schedules with their fellow League members any time they want to participate in League content)
3) Uses for redundant copies of cards
4) And, of course, a way to compete against other Leagues

However, we also wanted to ensure that:
• Leagues would not be able to earn rewards by simply picking on weaker Leagues
• That Leagues would not feel a need to kick out (relatively) low level players whom they enjoy playing with

The League Fortress feature, and its accompanying Elo (a gaming rating system used in games such as Chess, and Magic: the Gathering) based League ranking/rivalry system was designed with those considerations in mind.

What is it?
In the League Fortress you and your fellow league members will be able to use cards from your collections to create (AI piloted) League Defender Decks. After these decks have been submitted you will be able to launch Assaults against rival League Fortresses.

Once your Assault has begun, you’ll be able to defeat your rivals, earn valuable rewards, and increase your League ’s rank to prove that your League features the mightiest Emergents of them all!

League Defender Deck Building Restrictions
Unlike the deck that you pilot during Missions, Brawls , and PvP battles (which is subject to restrictions determined by what you have unlocked in the Skill Tree), all League Decks (regardless of your level, or what skills you have unlocked) will be subject to the following restrictions:

o Deck size – 60
o Attack Duplication – 6
o Ally Limit – 20
o Ally Duplication – 6
o Event Limit – 14
o Event Duplication – 5
o Memento Limit – 8
o Memento Duplication – 4

(Note: while your deck building restrictions change when building your League Defender deck, your badges will remain unchanged.)
(Note #2: League Defender equipment will be used for aesthetic purposes only.
So feel free to suit up your League Defender with a costume that fits your unique sense of style without worrying about its effects.)

What you need to know
• Your League must have at least 11 members to participate.

• You must save your League Deck before it can be selected as a Defender for your League ’s Fortress.

• Once you have saved your League Deck, your League Leader (or any League member who has been granted the appropriate permissions by your League Leader) will be able to select it as a League Defender during the League Defender selection period – 12:00 PST (20:00 server time) Thursday to 12:00 PST (20:00 server time) Friday. Decks chosen to Defend your League ’s Fortress will be automatically piloted by AI.

• Note: this week the League Defender selection period will begin after Thursday’s build – and will conclude at 12:00 PST (20:00 server time) on Friday.

• Throughout the week (when you take a break from Assaulting opposing League Fortresses), you can make adjustments to your League Deck (make sure to save your final version!). During the following week’s League Defender selection period, your League Leader will be able to select your newer, stronger, League Deck to guard your League ’s Fortress.

● During the League Defender selection period, the League Leader (or any player who has the appropriate permissions) selects 10 Defenders, and 1 League Guardian to guard your League Fortress.

IMPORTANT: Your lineup of League Defenders must be submitted by your League Leader (or any player who has been granted the appropriate permissions) in order for your League to compete in League Fortress Assaults this week. If your League Leader (or any player with the appropriate permissions) does not submit a new defender lineup before 12:00 PST (20:00 server time) on Friday then your League will not be able to participate in League Fortress content that week.

● During the League Defender selection period you will be unable to participate in Assaults against Rival League Fortresses.

• At the end of the League Defender selection period, each League will be assigned an Arch-Rival and two Rivals. Even if your League Deck wasn’t selected as a Defender, you can participate in the Assault against your rival leagues .

• Each time you win a battle against an opposing League Defender deck, you will receive a crafting piece. Each time you clear an opposing League Fortress, you will receive a League Fortress exclusive Lunch Safe.

• Every member of your League will receive additional prizes if your League defeats its Arch-Rival.

The winner of an Arch-Rival battle will be determined as follows:

1) Greatest number of Arch-Rival League Fortress clears. If there is a tie, or both Leagues have 10 or more total League Arch-Rival Fortress clears, then the winner is determined by criteria #2.

2) Fewer cumulative losses against Arch-Rival Fortress Defender decks of the top 11 performing players in your League . If there is a tie, then the winner is determined by criteria #3.

3) League participation percentage. Percentage of players with at least 5 attempts against Arch-Rival Fortress. If there is a tie, then the winner is determined by criteria #4.

4) Win percentage of everyone in League against Arch-Rival Fortress Defender decks. If there is a tie, then the winner is determined by criteria #5.

5) Greater number of Defender decks with at least 1 win against Arch-Rival League members. If there is a tie, then the winner is determined by criteria #6.

6) League with Lower ELO ranking. If there is a tie, then the match is a draw.

Looking to the future
While we’re very happy with the way that League Fortress Version 1.0 has turned out, we have every intention of making adjustments, and adding additional features that will make future versions even better than what you’re going to see this week.

We’re committed to making League Fortresses as fun, competitive, and engaging as possible – but in order for it to reach its true potential we’re going to need your (constructive, detailed) feedback.

So be sure to head over to the forums to tell us what you like about League Fortresses, what you want to see added/changed, if there are any adjustments you would like us to make to the League Defender Deck building restrictions, or anything else you think we should know.

All the best,
Steve Sadin

Producer – Legacy of Heroes