[Mythic Saga] Issue with zodiacs

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I’m making a new topic, because one for reporting bugs is just full of trash. I hope this one will be considered different.

First of all I know how zodiacs and upgrading zodiacs works. Also I’m not just whining about being unlucky.

I’m currently trying to upgrade 11th sun of Gemini which requires 300 energy for each try. I spent there about 13000 energy and 10 x StarTwins Orb.

Short about math..
If I have 40% success rate, I have 60% to fail. I failed 50-55 times in a row on one sun, no exaggerating.
0.6 ^ 50 = 0,000000000008 = 0,0000000008%

I think it can be caused by too fast upgrading zodiacs before that when I had full energy after long meditation. Maybe some lag affected it and I will not be able to move on.

Character name is Rufus, it’s obviously on S1 on kongregate.
If anyone from support could help me out with it I would be really grateful.


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No it’s not, the percentages are stupid low. The on-screen percentages are a blatant lie.

I spent like 60,000 energy on the last sun of leo for example.

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Alright then, I will keep on trying. Although I would prefer to see real percentages even if it’s 5%..

Same goes for mount upgrade % which I heard is rigged too.

Thanks for reply

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Me and you both xD Then maybe i wouldn’t have tried to upgrade my R3 wings :O

Maybe just divide everything you see below 60% by some arbitrarily large number… like 400. 50%/400 = 0.125% hahaha.

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Problem is that either GameWave is lying to us so we spend more money on % boost or they have wrong scripts..
It must change immediately.