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Hey all,

Lacking a chat room (since none of us are K+ members) this will be our general forum for communication and general rules for the clan. Please post here for any discussion you’d like to have regarding the direction of the Heralds of the New Dawn.

I’m Noca, clan founder. Like most of you, I’m learning the ins and outs of the game as I go, and I’ll sometimes post here as I learn things, or as the clan develops.

A couple basic items for now, with more stuff to come as I have the time.

First, check the Wiki for any questions about building, special structures, general tips, or whatever. It’s a good resource, and all should know it. Here’s the site: http://wastelandempires.wikia.com/wiki/Wasteland_Empires_Wiki

Second, the ground rules:

I’m not a huge fan of rules myself, but we should be courteous to each other, so here’s what a clan member should expect and do:

If you’re in the clan, you should send to a clan member each time you log. I don’t care if you log once every hour or once every week, but send when you log. Please support each other. I send every time I’m to everyone on my friends list.

If you ally, please send according to the wish list, before you send general gifts to your friend list. It’s a little more work, but it will help us more in the long run.

Be polite to fellow clan members. If a clan member is a jerk, please message me via the in-game radio transmitter and I’ll be sure to read it.

Make some progress for the clan. Don’t just log and bail. Try to do some attacking as it helps the clan and we’re stronger as a group than as individuals. What this means is, don’t just log on, collect your reward and log off. Once a week or so, you should win some kind of battle in the basic game. This will add to your own clan level, and to the clan points as a whole. Those who make no progress will eventually be kicked.

If you go away, get tired of the game, or are on vacation, please let me know. I generally only kick those below a certain threshold, but I do kick those I see as not advancing. I don’t want to kick you out if you’ve got other stuff going on, but leaving a member in who’s not doing anything takes up space for active members and weakens the clan.

Once you reach 10k clan points, you are given recruitment permission, meaning, you can invite and confirm prospective clan members. As long as there is open space, you can confirm, but use your judgement. I tend to prefer folks with reps around 10 since it lets me know they’re interested in the game enough to stick around. The 10k number may change as we get better as a clan.

Those in the 10k+ range are considered clan elders, and have a vote on any decisions made by the clan. I will be a voting member of the elders on any topic, but will always abide by the decision of the elders.

Clan Battles should only be started by clan elders. For now….

Organize, Strengthen, Unite.

We are the new dawn. Bring the new dawn to the wastes and subjugate all who deny its coming!

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Interesting site…

Good details about what’s coming from the facebook site on Wasteland Empires:


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Clan Battle Orders:

For Clan battles, here is a brief rundown of an excellent approach to winning in 1 on 1 conflicts. As time goes on, please add, and I’ll add, your experiences and ideas about strategies that have worked for you.

First thing’s first, don’t start a battle unless you can commit to meeting at the first shipping time, at least. If you can’t promise to be there when the first shipment goes out, don’t join the battle. Definitely don’t start one if that’s the case.

For all battles:

Step 1: Upgrade home
Start by upgrading your home outpost to level 2. No matter what happens, this is critical before your first battle. While there, place your plasteel mine. It’s up to you whether you put down the two extra towers here, or want to place them later, so don’t worry one way or the other about ‘em for now.

Step 2: Scout
Scout one of the center locations. If you’re in 1×1 there’s only one place to scout. Other battles may have multiple possibilities, but the center is the priority, sort of like chess. (This can be done earlier, but it doesn’t matter much)

Step 3: Battle 1
Once you’ve scouted, go home and make sure you’ve completed the upgrade to your home outpost, then attack the scouted square. It will have 3 towers and a ‘town hall’ type structure. Usually it’s 2 stone throwers and a boulder catapult. Hit the one furthest from the others, then play it by ear. If done correctly, you should have more than 15 survivors at the end of the battle.

Step 4: Build at Depot
Now you need to build at least 1 colony outpost and tons of spearmen for the next phase of the attack. If you’re in a group battle, 2×2 or 3×3, the strategies here may diverge, but for the most part, you’ll want 25 spearmen, minimum, and 1 colony outpost built before the shipping time.

Next, things begin to diverge, so I’ll ponder, then post when I think of things.

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Here’s a trick everyone should know, but I didn’t find out till pretty late in the game. The Clan War Room (Alliance Command, or whatever it’s called at your level) acts like a mobile well with regard to salvage.

Basically, what this means is you can move the war room around at the edges of your well area of control and use it to extend that control by a few squares. It’s not a huge amount, but it’ll let you get to those weird nooks and crannies to salvage the special stuff without forcing you to build, and therefor waste, a well in a place you wouldn’t otherwise have needed.

This is really cool if you build roads around the outside edge of your perimeter, then have the clan war room roam around salvaging in the extended area. Also, just in case you’re wondering, if you send some salvage teams, then move the war room, the team still can complete their task, so move it all you want!

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Okay, I’ve delayed posting this for a while because saying it may lessen my success rates in clan wars, but I figure, what the heck. If you’re reading the forums, you’re probably not going to make this mistake, or figure it out on your own, so here goes.

In one on one clan battles, it’s very tempting to take the first territory, then immediately drop your outpost. It’s a natural thing to do. You’ve just one a battle, you want the rewards right now. Don’t.

If you claim that first territory, there’s no way to defend it against a solid opponent. You can’t do much with the troops you have, and you can’t reach the enemy start point with the inventory you start with, so be patient and wait till near the ship time before you put that colony outpost down. If you drop it early and lose it, you waste 50 points of shipping space when they take it out. That pretty much gimps you for the rest of the battle, unless your opponent makes some other mistake.

Once your shipping window opens, or just before hand, that’s when you drop the outpost, scout them, and destroy their center if they’ve made this mistake. You set them back, force them to waste the shipping space, and open yourself up to an easy march to victory on their home outpost.

Happy battling!

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Okay Heralds, change of policy. There will no longer (and really haven’t been) a group of ‘elders’ as I envisioned. Not enough communication among us as a group. I’m taking all the power, mwahahahaha. Basically that just means don’t irritate me if you want to stay in the clan. Someone got booted just yesterday for ignoring a message from me about a pulling his weight in a clan battle. Hasn’t been the only one.

Speaking of which, the best way to get booted is to start a battle, but then never show up, or to join a battle, but never do anything. Let me underscore this. If you start a battle (especially starting it) and you don’t show up, expect to get booted when I find out. If you join a battle, you should try to show up. Don’t just ignore your clan mates. We need your help.

Enough said.

Non-clan who are reading this and interested in joining the Heralds, radio me in game, and if you seem a reasonable, intelligent fellow, I’ll consider accepting a request to join.

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It has come to my attention that there exist several exploits in the clan battle system that have the potential of giving players an unfair advantage. There are two I’ve heard about, one I’ve figured out on my own through pure chance, and another I think I’ve seen once, but am not sure how it’s done.

After doing some research on the facebook pages, I see that these same problems exist over there, and they’ve been named the Early Exit and Multiple Shipment Exploits.

Let me be clear. If I find a member of the Heralds intentionally abusing the clan battle system to gain an advantage over another player, I will summarily dismiss that member from the clan, will inform all the members of the Wasteland Empires of the player’s lack of ethics and honor, and will report him or her to the Kongregate moderators. Ignorance in this case is no excuse. Such behavior constitutes cheating, violates the spirit of the game and should not be used under any circumstances.

Further, be warned, if a member starts a clan battle, challenging a specific clan (one known to be inactive, or from a dummy account) in order to capitalize on these exploits, inflate standings, gain gifts, or any other ethical violation, the rules against cheating will also apply.

Thank you for your attention.