[Red Crucible 1 & 2] I've rent an M21

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WTF? I shot six-seven at a enemy, and he’s still alive? Aiming is near impossible, head shot NEVER GOT ONE.

With AK Sniper I was two shot one kill…

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First of all, are you talking about the test server, or the normal server ?
In the normal server, M21 is defiantly a 3 shot kill.
Aiming is not impossible at all. Headshot never got one ? Well, maybe you might want to change your weapon, and stop being a sniper.


Here is a tutorial I did few weeks ago, might help you.
M21 is included in the vid.

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Don’t know how to check server, but I confirm. M21 sucks. I’m prefectly able to aim an head, and it moves from the aim by itself. Shot 6 times in the back to a guy, he’s survived. M21 should have MAX POWER… it HAS NOT
Gonna ckeck for other weapons…

PS: It moves from the aim AND the shot moves too.

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yes same with SVD, the shots go miles away from your aim-dot, only not if you shoot with 5 second intervals.

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I bet all you guys are just raging because you didnt get a decent score in 2 or 3 games. 
did you even practice ? did you take time and think up of actual strategy to fit the features of M21 ?
its not like M82 where you can hop around carrying 12kg gun and head shot enemies mid air.

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Tried a OSV96… it rocks. Same thing ad M21, BUT really sniper, you aim, it hits and kills. One shot one kill.

I’ve really no time to “practice”, I’m not a kid, I play every now and then just for fun.

Anyway, if I crouch, I expect I’m aiming with calm enough to get the hit I’m looking for.

With OSV I’ve aimed from a LONGER distance, in that case, OK, there is a little movement of the gun, but I’ve done the secon shot, with HIT.

Anyway, being not a kid means I’m playing games on my PC… for… oh, maybe thirty years?

From my experience, you’re right, this game REQUIRES practice, BUT that weapon M21 sucks and OSV96 rocks… my two cents :-)

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ohh so people who practices are kids ?
hmm …

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“people with time to spend” … sounds better ? ;)

“kid” was an unlucky word… ok ok… my fault :-)