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To open the Auto-Combat Interface, you may click the icon at the lower left part of the mini-map. (See the image below)

What is Auto Combat?
> Auto-Combat is a feature which let’s you use skills, potions, runes etc to be use without manually clicking buttons. (See Picture above)

> In auto-combat, you can put skills (only those skills to attack a single target and self-buff can be added).

TIP: Often times, we thought some skills are not being used through auto-combat. But based on my observation, we are used to attaching the basic skill on the very first slot. (In skills category, the first skills will be the first to be used). We all know that basic skill has the least or shortest cooldown time, so better attach the basic to the very last skill. (Check the screenshot Auto-Combat Tips)

This way, all skills will be used. This is just an example in how I attach skills on auto-combat. You may try it yourself to see if it will work better to your character as well.

Select Target
> In this option, you may mark or check the box to which monster on the map you want your character to attack.

Potions and Elixirs
> This will let your potions be used depending on the percentage you will be setting. The HP, Mana and Pet HP bar can be set as to what percentage will the potions be automatically used.

> In this category, you may check or mark autos such auto collect dropped items, auto-consume HP/MP Elixirs and auto-use EXP runes. (Please note that only star players can use this option. Auto for dropped items will be made available upon reaching Star 3, auto for HP and MP will be for Star 1, and EXP Rune for Star 2.)

Addition to Miscellaneous Category is a buy button where you can purchase EXP Runes.

> In this option you can have your character on AFK Mode without it being killed for an Hour. Please note that using this option will use up 1 cash per hour and will be activated after 1 minute of having the auto-combat started. Addition to that, only Star 1 (and higher) can use this option.

Once set, you can click the save button to have the settings saved and start the battle. You may click the button says Begin Auto-Combat or click the shortcut key A.

—Hope this could help every player. Any comment, suggestion and/or violent reaction would highly be appreciated.