[Kingdoms CCG] willow of souls is too hard to pass

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I just want pass the champin~

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wish i could help but im a little bogged down and havnt made it that far yet

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I’ve made it to the boss fight in the Willow of Souls, and it’s just ridiculous. Nemesis starts with two epic creatures, one epic gear, all his overpowered abilities one charge away from full, and twice as much health and mana as I have. I have yet to survive past turn three. Is there any way to beat him without spending large amounts of kreds on this game?

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I did’t even made it till the Tree in the middle and the End-Boss… It sucks that you are forced to w8 for the anti-aircannons to be available in shop and buy lots of them…

And c’mon… Thoughtwoven Spirits only 2mana?! With Flying! AND Dust?!!! …a comparable card was the Sylph mindsapper which is a 2/1 creature for 3!!! mana, or the Mana Spirte, a 1/1 card for 2Mana… sorry dont get your “concept” with those creatures… you should dubble the mana-coast at least… _

(That way it is really no fun… even if you like it challenging, a challenge only winnable by awesome luck and stupidity of the AI is a horror for everyone)

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Thoughtwoven Spirits aren’t overpowered… They cost 2, yes. They also have 2hp, which means you can smack them with a good ol’ fire bolt. Also – their power fluctuates. Also no2 – you can use pacify, disarm, weaken, etc. etc. Sylph mindsapper has resist (so you won’t take him down with direct), it mills enemy with his attacks and has flying. Mana sprite – mana for every card (=brace yourself ;)), flying, resist.

There are a lot of issues with the game, the more I play the more I see, but yours are bad examples.

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cannot baet him for long time

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I beat him, took a while like a week or so of losing all my energy against him but i did it and im a free-player so its possible, you just need a carefully plan strategy and tons of luck heres who i did it:

i recommend to use wilrus to heal your self but any hero can do so i started having 2 volatile concoction in my first hand.

he started: put the thoughtwoven Spirit so now he has three creatures
my turn: i used relinquish (since he drains your abilitys its a great card) and use volatile and kill them all
his turn: he put a battle mage and a thoughtwoven spirit
my turn: i use spell bridge and play volatile again kill them all
his turn: he waits
my turn: i wait ( i got relinquish, gift of the mystics and unholy rampage in my hand, im waiting for something with 4 hp or more)
his turn: battle mage
my turn: i got the anti-air cannon i use relinquish and gift of the mystics to put the AA, kill the mage and buff the AA with unholy rampage
his turn: he puts the pegasus
My turn: pegasus dead, i use another relinquish and put the mountain giant…

From here on the with a couple of shrivels and mana potions the battle was easy. i know what your thinking i did have 2 AA cannons on my deck but after that i almost only used uncommon cards, the start its the most important thing but everything comes down to luck in the end. just keep trying guys the price is a rare card ;)

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Some hints:

Dont know if its a bug but Thoughtwoven Spirits gets insta killed by anything that switches ATK and DEF (Transformation Potion,Spiritbender for example)

Hailstorms, Shrivel or Hunters net own him.

If he plays weak ATK monsters, weaken them, strong monsters get pacified.
Play flying cards against pacified ground monsters (hunters net helps)
You can play weak monsters and use Relocate (gives the enemy the monster).
He can’t kill his own creatures.

Use healing! Angels tear are damn awesome to deal with his initial burst damage.
Runeword Immortal helps alot too.
Use explosive gnomes! 3 Volatile Damage owns most of his cards.

Won in 4. Game with Ravinova, had two hailstorms on my starting hand = all his 3 Monsters (the two epics + thoughtwoven spirit) were down in the first round.
Didnt have any AA-Cannon, just outdamaged him.

Wilrius with Charge potions and Siphon should work great, just weaken the monsters and mill.

Either you die very fast or you win.

But its the last stage in the current campaign, so what did you expect? Get a perfect deck for this boss!

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I managed to beat the boss with Ravinova. The key is to use four weakens. I used a Summon goblin to fill his spot at the start. I had 2 Essence Mantles, 2 thought retreivers, and a duplicate. If you can get the Weakens on the field as quickly as possible you can reduce all opponent’s monsters to 0. Then you just need to duplicate your Essence mantles while the thought retrievers keeps reviving your duplicate. Cards to gain quick mana like mana flask and Rejuve Potion can help. Once you have sufficient regen and his monsters are useless, just wait for him to run out of cards.

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@jumper224: thank you for the tip. indeed the weaken together with relinquish was the key to beat nemisis