[Odin Quest] Crack Veneer—Purification Room-Walkthrough

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Purification Room is a dangerous forbidden place deep inside Crack Veneer!

Requirement to Enter
Level: ≥LV 82
Mode: Purification Room (Single Player)
Entry Time: All Day
Entry Chances: 5 times per day (Each entry will cost a Purification Key)
Entrance: Bottom right corner of Lv80 map Holy Dusk→Iron Woods→NPC Soul Purifier — Holdognar

1. Only single player is allowed to enter. Each entry will cost a Purification Key, which will be obtaining in Lv82 Daily Quest (Kill 20 Pyromaniac Souls) or bought in Shop—SB Page.
2. Upon entering the dungeon, the player will be transferred to spawn point, where there’s a portal, then get into the portal and enter the battling area. When the player is killed, use In-Situ Resurrection to spawn at the battling area, and use free resurrection to spawn at the spawn area, and players need to get into the portal again to continue the battle.
One of the following monsters will randomly appear upon each entry: Undead Giant, Undead Knight or Undead Archer

Undead Giant
1)Monster will use the skill Hammer every 10 seconds, which will cause huge damage and stun the player.
2)When Boss HP drops to 80%, 60%, 40% and 20% respectively, he will use Giant’s Rage and continue throwing huge stones toward players, that will cause huge damage and have Broken Armour effect.

Undead Archer
1)Monster will randomly use the skill Erosion Arrow, Shock Arrow or Sleeping Arrow every 10 seconds, which will cause huge damage and inflict Weakness, Vertigo and Sleep on players.
2)Bonus effects of each skill: Erosion Arrow will cause Weakness, Shock Arrow will cause Vertigo and Sleeping Arrow will cause Sleep.

Undead Knight
1)Monster will use the skill Sword Summon every 15 seconds, which will summon 2-3 Sword Monsters with high Attack and low HP. They will disappear after 15 seconds.
2)When Boss HP drops to 50%, it will use the skill Cursed Doppelganger, which will summon 3 doppelgangers, you can only break this curse by attacking in the right order.

3. A Star Chest will appear after killing the Boss, open to get Star Energy Pack(S).