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I usually open my boxes, mostly royals and sometimes the simple powerup box so of course some of my powerup inv will be filled up, I’ve noticed that too often now when I open a box I will get a notice “account info parse” which as I recall often happens (previously when you can only accept 99 health bombs if you try to accept anymore the same notice pops up which is another thing you guys should look into) at the end of this I will still have the box which I assume wouldn’t give me items anymore because whatever it contained I had the max amount of. So I will still have that same box. And no matter how many tries I do to open it it wont give me anything which leads me to assume that the contents of boxes are predetermined once you get them. The coins I expended are also lost, for nothing. :P

Please if you guys can just allow us to exceed the limit of the items like in previous versions where for example if you got hp bombs from a chest even though you have 99 hp bombs you could exceed the limit. I would prefer to suggest that the box rerolls the content if you have max of it in inventory but I’m pretty sure you know that could be exploitable.

Also while I’m on it. A send gifts to all your in game friends option would be such a welcome update. It’s been suggested alot and we have had so many updates that I’m wondering why hasn’t such a basic thing been implemented yet?

Thanks for your time reading

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Btw Repeater attacks are bugged now, you cant stop until your mana runs out, in-game chat is also loads more messier, I suggest putting status updates in a seperate area as it can pretty much overcrowd chat now. Also.. The box bug is still there, I just now got a transaction failed notice while opening a royal box BUT IT STILL COST ME 5K GOLD COINS >:(

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Fix this asap! I lost more than 100k with this bug or even more! Make a check – if box stays unopened, then give us our money back! Can only imagine this bug happening if i opened a royal with gems and it’d take away my gems and give me nothing in return.