Release Notes - February 26 2013

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Hey guys! We’re updating the game today with a brand new UI you can try out! The new UI is more compact and lets you keep more of your attention where it belongs – on the FIGHT! To check it out, click on the Options button. Let us know what you think!

Here are some other changes we made today:
Chat has been updated
and the character limit
was greatly increased
so now you don’t have
to talk like this!
Added a note to the Gift UI letting you know that the limit for each type in your inventory is 99
The Victory screen has been updated

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I really hope we can sell chests ya know, everyone is waiting for that to happen… what useless updates…your team only did some few improvements but the gifts that seems pretty ok :D

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I like the new UI, good improvement there. I suspect other posts you are going to see are going to be along the lines of ‘the natives are getting restless’. While these updates (any updates really) are nice, I think the community would like at least a general idea of how new areas and/or heroes are coming along.

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Well, i wouldn’t consider those recent updates as being enjoyable. I hardly use the boosts, always sell(drop) the useless boxes, and now this update that does not seems like much. I think quite playing this game would do better than waiting for a whole month for an update, which, when finally arrived, reveals to be a wast of time.

Also why wont you listen to your players request? You clearly didn’t have any better to do, in terms of developing this game that is.

Tried the new features was not impressed, left the dungeon as i lagged to death, end of story.

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Health bar
Mana bar
Booster bar

Make bars in this order please. I can’t notice my health is low in time because of blinking booster. And then i die :(

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Vampire Hunter is now often stuck in fire mode until mana ends (with barrage crossbows). I call that “epileptic VH”. Was not happen before this update.

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Originally posted by DR_Celerity:
Let us know what you think!

Same as everyone else:

what useless updates

‘the natives are getting restless’.

i wouldn’t consider those recent updates as being enjoyable.

Tried the new features was not impressed

I acknowledge that the chatbox change was on the community feature request list but honestly I kind of feel like I spent more time compiling and typing that list than you guys spent actually working on the game this past month.


The new UI is more compact

The Victory screen has been updated

I guess it looks like you resized things. The playable part of the screen looks smaller and I don’t remember that unused gray space at the bottom. But other than that, and the apparently empty placeholders we now see when we don’t have a full party…it just doesn’t look that different to me.

I don’t know why you thought shrinking it and leaving empty space at the bottom was an improvement, and I don’t understand what you were trying to accomplish by adding visible placeholders unless your goal was to make it look unfinished. It would look far better, for example, if the empty placeholder banners were not there at all and the banners for party members who do exist were horizontally spaced evenly across the window, sitting on top of a generic “Dungeon Rampage” logo background instead of the orange background.

Don’t get me wrong…the appearance of the victory screen is not that important. I’d rather you take just about anything from the community suggestions post and work on that instead. Remember, one of our recurring complaints is that we have to spend so much time looking at this screen at all. But if your goal was to make it look better…you failed.

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Make a new release notes with a changelog please.