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Lord of Ages is a good game, I have a lot of hours on it. I’ve been playing kongregate loyally for a good two years now. I’ve left legitimate suggestions on games, and praised fairly several times.

One time I cheated to get a high score on a game. Afterwords I didn’t feel good about it at all, I would take it back if I could, so sorry. As for any influence I had caused for others to cheat, the only thing I can do to stop them is threaten them with violence. I’m worried that if I do that, they will retribute violently, and I don’t have the gun-power or enough men at my back to deal with attacking or defending. If some people in like situations, who have guns and a place we could hole up, I’d be glad to help you mount a few reasonably planed assaults to stop cheaters we may be the result of. Otherwise, all I can tell you is that I’m honestly sorry.

But I’m here now to tell you that speed limits on the road are bullshit. Most of us were born into the world with speed limits already in place, and the ones that were born before are likely too old to drive. We all understand what kind of world it would be if people mentally jerk off while driving on the road. I mean, ‘if it wasn’t for the law, we’d probably all just crash into each other cause everyone would always be trying to get to 200mph’ or ‘id have killed hundreds by now if it wasn’t for speed limits, and I wouldn’t even have stopped to help them because of no legal repercussion’ that’s a load of crap. maybe if the roads were ruled by basic sense communally rather than johnny law standing over us with a looming threat of fines and jail time, we would learn to look out for one another and being in a ‘basic sense’ sort of environment would help people develop their ‘basic sense’ ability. So fuck the law, its fucking stupid
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thanks for you info:)