[Soul of Guardian (SOG)] Marvelous changes of SOG – SOG II is coming

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Dear SOGers,

We have optimized SOG a lot and a new version – SOG II will be presented to you at 05:00 PST, March 7th. This update is huge so we have to close the old server of SOG at 00:00 PST, March 4th and all your character data will be deleted then. Please come back to kongregate.com and find SOG II on March 7th.
Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but trust me, this is worthy. Please view the compensation and new features below:

1. All players in SOG II will get 100 unbound Gold every week for the first three weeks after SOG II launches. The Gold will be sent at March 9th, March 16th and March 23rd. (300 unbound Gold in total)
2. Players who bought Gold in SOG before will get an extra 1000 unbound Gold every month for the first two months after SOG II launches. The Gold will be sent on March 9th and April 9th. (2000 unbound Gold in total)

New features in SOGII:
1. Brand new user interface. No redundant icons anymore and better NPC images with a Western style.
2. Better Forge System. Enhancement failure will not cause the level to drop anymore, and you can see changes in Identify, Morph and Recast, too.
3. New Pet system. You will have more fun with your pet.
4. New in-game Guides. Easier for new players to get familiar with the systems.
5. Over 100 exciting updates await you in SOG II.

Come back on March 7th to SOGII!

WSGame Team

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Most of us who have been faithful to this small ghost town version here on Kong probably do not think this actually is worth it. Doing this in a way that your followers lose their characters and hard work is horrible. 300 unbound gold is not going to help anyone get back what was taken from them any quicker. Also there is a good chance this promised compensation will never come. Just like the last rewards that never came during the server merge. None of us saw any of those promises. This is sad. However, you have made your choice. —MadameRuby

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I agree with MadameRuby, those of us who have stayed loyal to the game and stuck through the strung out player population will be sorely out more than just a total of 300 unbound gold or 2k unbound gold in my case. I put a decent amount of money into the SOG on Kong, and a VERY long time behind the keyboard for my character as i do not AFK much. I earned my character, with that being said; i believe that there should be different tiers of rewards for those of us who are new and veterans to the game. That is over 73 levels out the door. I think you should come up with something a little more satisfying for your low fan base as it is. If I do not see what has been promised at the very least, i shall be contacting the appropriate individuals for a lawsuit. -Thoth/Oddyseus