[Iron Grip: Marauders] Freaky Friday: behind the scenes with Tim

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As you have seen, the artwork and screenshots of the new game are both familiar and refreshing. So far we’ve seen fantastic looking jungle footage, and an apocalyptic version of a European city. Tim van Geel, Producer at ISOTX, unveils the inspiration that fueled this project.

Looking at the screens of the developer at the office, I’ve seen quite a lot of sexy female units. Crowd-pleaser or artistic choice?

Both actually. One of the big inspirations of this universe is the pulp genre. In these novels and artwork, you often see powerful sexy ladies fighting off Nazi secret war machines, corrupt soldiers, monsters etc. These novels were often intended for young men; hence the skimpy clothed women, but later on became something very iconic for the genre. It’s a known fact that war-games are enjoyed predominantly by men, so it was a logical choice for us to do something with that. That’s not to say we feel women should be always portrayed as eye candy. In fact, in our universe, we’ve given women a much more powerful and equal role than in our world.

The universe of Iron Grip: Marauder is very steampunk and dieselpunk. Are we going to see that in the new game as well?

Yes, but there are some important changes. We’ve moved more away from the Victorian-esque steampunk elements and gave the universe a much darker, World War 2 dieselpunk feel. The flamboyant dresses the people wore in Marauders are gone for example.

You have also been working on the soundscape. Can you tell a bit about the choice of music?

We’ve gone for a different approach with the music. Since we’re basing the universe on our own planet and history, we’ve made the scores for each faction much more fitting with the culture. We combined these different music styles with a dieselpunk industrial feel however.

Listen to some music from the game here: https://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fapi.soundcloud.com%2Ftracks%2F81349997

What do you think will be the most surprising artistic feature?

The cool war gear each faction has! We’ve gone for a unique blend of World War 2 technology and dieselpunk/ISOTX styled huge machines, walkers and other technological wonders.