[Berserk: The Cataclysm] Game Balance Suggestion: Kreid-Moor

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Dear Bytex,

As the card base expands, Mountains and Forest continue to be under-used, while cards with special abilities continue to be used more and more.

I would like to suggest a very simple switch that will help balance the game.

Make Kreid-Moor grant immunity to ALL of the creatures in a players’ squads instead of just Mountains creatures. It could also help to make the card faster (4 is very slow for a terrain).

Immunity is becoming more and more important in the metagame, but Kreid-Moor is never used because triple-Mountains is very weak and nobody plays it. This card can suddenly be a useful — and not overpowered — card for Mountains, usable in Plains-Mountains-Dark or Plains-Swamp-Mountains combos, for example.

For your consideration.

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Well unbalance could be found on pretty many places. Like some card only recive like 1 hp per updrage and some recive 1 less turn to spawn. Even if the card that recive 1 hp per updrage even is weaker then the other. Please make ALL card worth to updrage not only a few. I can sse that some times card get a stronger ability or something after the weak updrage but some does not. But i also like my forest squad even if it’s a little bit weaker then the other.