[WarFlow] March 6th Improvements--Levy Ranking

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Events ON:
1.Levy bonus
2.Levy Ranking Event
3.Fylgja Glyph refresh in batches cost 30% OFF
4.Honor boost
5.Magic rate 80%~100%
Event Duration: March 6 02:00 to March 13 00:00 PST

1. Levy Bonus:
Normal Levy *1.2, Force Levy *1.8 and max Force Levy cost is 30 gold

2. Levy Ranking:
Description: In the event duration, players are given extra silver when levies orforce levies they use reach certain numbers.
Besides, each levy counts 1 point in the Levy Rank. In the end of the event, the top 30 players in the will be given wonderful rewards.

Daily Rewards:(Levies counting reset at 05:00 every day)

Accumulative Rewards:

Levy Ranking Rewards:
The levies used point stops counting on March 13, 00:00 server time (PST)
Rules of Ranking: Points>RP>Level>Time when attaining the points

3. Refresh in Batches in Fylgja Glyph Cost 30% OFF

4. Honor Boost: get x2 honor in NPC and PR

5. Magic Rate 80%~100%
Magic rate includes both equip upgrade magic rate and forge magic rate.

Events OFF:
1.Fortune Wheel Rank
2.Fortune Wheel Discount
3.Hero Improvement Discount
4.Dealer Discount
5.Spring Awakening Battle
6.Elite Troops Attack Discount

Enjoy the events and thanks for your support!

WarFlow Team

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wow another crap event from dovo sure do appreciate it why not just take the game off of kong as your only making it worse by the day thanks for your lack of willingness to give us what we want to save your game! again well done at nothing GFY