[Soul of Guardian (SOG)] Epic Equipment Spree in Dragonslay!

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[Event Time] March 7th, 05:01 PST – March 13th, 23:59 PDT
[Event Server] Server 1
Each time you get a piece of Epic Equipment in Dragonslay and post a screenshot of it in this forum thread, you will be rewarded with another bonus piece of Epic Equipment of the same level, class and type.
Here is an example:
Character name: Guide

Server: S1

Please mouse over the Epic Equipment before you take the screenshot. If you get two pieces of Epic Equipment, please take the screenshot twice, with the name and description of the equipment respectively.

1. Server time and Equipment description must be included in the screenshot. No cheating is allowed.
2. Rewards will be sent to your in-game mailbox within 48 hours after the event ends.
3. All rewards are unbound.
4. All rights reserved by WSGame.

WSGame SOG Team