[Wasteland Empires] Are you in the Top 10 Players? Win Gold! (Week 4)

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Every two weeks, we will take a list of the top 10 users on Kongregate and display them here – if you are on this list, you could win 50 gold!

We will post the list here every two weeks, which you will need to check to win!

If you ARE on this list:
1. Contact us at http://support.crowdstar.com
2. You need to create a new ticket, and select ‘Wasteland – KNGT. You must also include your Kongregate ID. This is very important to add your gold!
3. Leave us a message! It doesn’t matter what other options you select, just the correct game, your Kongregate ID, and link to your profile. Say hi!
4. We will add the gold within 24 hours (unless its the weekend when you message us, then it will be Monday!)

Here is this weeks list!

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nope, chuck testa…

Are you one of the player that has been playing the longest?