[Wings of Destiny] [Guide] Hunter's Transcendence

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Hunter Transcendence Guide

+ Ranger +

Falcon Shot
Effect: Guarantees Critical Damage for 3 consecutive hits. Lasts 15 secs. (Cooldown: 20 secs)
Rune1 Accuracy Rune: Deals 10% bonus damage when using Falcon Shot.
Rune2 Reflect Rune: Reflects all damage taken for 3 secs after using Falcon Shot.
Rune3 Speed Rune: Reduces Falcon Shot Cooldwon by 5 secs.

Light Arrow
Effect: Shoots an arrow of pure light. 50% of damage dealt is converted into HP (Cooldown: 10 secs). Effect: 500 DMG +150% ATK. Cast time: 1 sec.
Rune1 Healing Rune: Increases healing effect by 100%.
Rune2 Blessed Rune: Increases chance of dealing Critical Damage by 50% for 5 secs after using Light Arrow.
Rune3 Repelling Rune: Pushes target away by 300m.

Flash Shot
Effect: Shoot out 2 magical arrows in rapid succession. Deals physical damage upon a target. (Cooldown: 20 secs)
Rune1 Chain Rune: Increases number of arrows shot by 1.
Rune2 Rapid Rune: Reduces Cooldown by 5 secs.
Rune3 Deadly Rune: Increases DEF by 10% after using Flash Shot. Lasts 6 secs.

+ Stalker +

Twilight Arrow
Effect: Shoots an arrow of darkness at a single target. Deals physical damage and summons a Twilight Guardian to fight by your side for 5 secs (Cooldown: 8 secs). Effect: 800 DMG +100% ATK. Twilight Guardian ATK and MATK: 5,000, HP: 200,000.
Rune1 Burning Rune: Continually deals 300 +30% physical damage per sec for 20 secs. Effect may be stacked up to 3 times.
Rune2 Summoning Rune: Increases number of Twilight Guardians summoned by 2.
Rune3 Protective Rune: Twilight Guardians will no longer attack enemies, but will restore 5,000 HP to you every 2 secs.

Effect: Shrouds you in darkness, preventing you from being targeted for 5 secs. (Cooldown: 40 secs)
Rune1 Focus Rune: Increases ATK by 50% when using Stealth but will temporarily lose all DEF.
Rune2 Assassins Rune: Reduces a skill Cooldown by 5 secs when its used during Stealth.
Rune3 Lurking Rune: Increases movement speed by 50% and restores 1% Max HP per sec during Stealth.

Dark Soul
Effect: Increases EVA and HIT by 100% for 6 secs. (Cooldown: 45 secs)
Rune1 Shadow Rune: Increases Guardian duration by 50%.
Rune2 Devouring Rune: Allows you to restore 15% Max HP by killing and consuming active Twilight Guardians and summoned Pets.
Rune3 Agility Rune: Increases EVA and HIT by 200%.