[Wings of Destiny] [Guide] Mage's Transcendence

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Mage Transcendence Guide


Effect: Launches a meteorite at your cursor location after 1.5 secs. Deals massive magic damage to all enemies within 400m. (Cooldown: 5 secs) Effect: 600 MDMG +90% MATK.
Rune1 Gravity Rune: Reduces Meteorite delay by 1 sec and Cooldown by 2 secs.
Rune2 Cosmic Rune: Increases the number of meteorites launched to 2-4. Reduces damage dealt by each meteorite by 30% and damage dealt to targets by 15%. Lasts 5 secs.
Rune3 Frozen Rune: Dazes targets hit by Meteorite by 1 sec. Increases damage dealt by meteorites by 15% and Meteorite Cooldown by 3 secs.

Effect: Summons a volcano at your cursor location. Deals continual damage to all targets within 400m of the volcano for 6 secs (Cooldown: 10 secs). Effect: 400 MDMG +50% MATK.
Rune1 Seismic Rune: Increases eruption frequency to once per 0.5 secs, but reduces damage dealt by each eruption by 30%.
Rune2 (Unspecified. To be announced)
Rune3 Magma Rune: Grants a 20% chance to inflict the Dazed status on targets for 0.5 secs. Reduces volcanic eruption duration by 2 secs.

Ice Shield
Effect: Direct a shield of ice to protect you from all damage and abnormal statuses for 10 secs. Movement will cancel the skill effect. (Cooldown: 45 secs)
Rune1 Armor Rune: Increases DEF and MDEF by 100% for 10 secs after Ice Shield ends.
Rune2 Rebound Rune: Reflects 30% MATK damage upon your attacker each time you are hit while using Ice Shield.
Rune3 Rebirth Rune: Restores 10% Max HP/sec when using the Ice Shield. Reduces Ice Shield duration by 5 secs.


Time Trap
Effect: Summons a 300m magic circle at your cursor location. Reduces movement speed of all targets within the circle by 90% for 5 secs. (Cooldown: 20 secs)
Rune1 Stress Rune: Reduces damage dealt by targets affected by Time Trap by 90%.
Rune2 Spirit Rune: Grants a 20% INT Bonus for 15 secs after casting Time Trap.
Rune3 Sealing Rune: Reduces healing ability of targets affected by Time Trap by 90%.

Mind Seal
Effect: Inflicts a curse over a 300m radius area around your cursor location. Prevents all targets within the affected area from casting any skills for 4 secs. (Cooldown: 50 secs)
Rune1 Crippling Rune: Reduces DEF and MDEF of all targets affected by Mind Seal by 20%.
Rune2 Demonic Rune: Reduces 8% MP per sec for all targets affected by Mind Seal. If the target has less than 40% MP remaining, they will be Stunned for 2 secs.
Rune3 Endurance Rune: Increases skill duration for Mind Seal by 1 sec and reduces Cooldown by 15 secs.

Energy Blast
Effect: Triggers your inner power, instantly ending Cooldowns for Lightning Strike, Fireball, Teleport, and Magic Shield. All affected skills will not enter Cooldown for 6 secs, but MP cost for each will triple. (Cooldown: 40 secs)
Rune1 Charmed Rune: Increases skill duration for Energy Blast by 4 secs and Cooldown by 10 secs.
Rune2 Transfer Rune: Grants immunity against all skills and restores 3% Max HP/sec during the Energy Blast duration.
Rune3 Gravity Rune: Increases MDMG by 20% when using Energy Blast. Reduces Energy Blast duration by 2 secs.