[Wings of Destiny] [Guide] Priest's Transcendence

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Priest Transcendence Guide


Effect: Summons a divine sword at your cursor location. Deals continuous damage and inflicts Dazed status for 2 secs upon all targets within range. All allied targets within range will be healed continuously for 5 secs (Cooldown: 20 secs). Damage Effect: 350 MDMG +30% MATK per sec. Healing Effect: 300 HP +20% MATK per sec.
Rune1 Penalty Rune: Increases Dazed status duration by 1 sec. Cancels all healing effects.
Rune2 (Unspecified. To be announced)
Rune3 Bonus Rune: Reduces Manifesto Cooldwon by 5 secs and instantly restores 10% Max HP to its caster.

Angel Touch
Effect: Summons a heavenly angel. Cancels and grants immunity to all abnormal statuses for 3 secs. (Cooldown: 45 secs)
Rune1 Glory Rune: Reduces damage taken by 50% for 5 secs after casting Angel Touch.
Rune2 Haste Rune: Increases movement speed by 50% and healing ability by 25% for 8 secs after casting Angels Touch.
Rune3 Battle Rune: Instantly ends all incomplete Cooldowns after casting Angels Touch. Abnormal statuses will not be removed.

Divine Intervention
Effect: Protects you and your allies with a divine shield. Absorbs damage taken by up to 50% of the caster’s Max HP for 15 secs. (Cooldown: 90 secs)
Rune1 Protective Rune: Increases all defensive attributes by 25% for allies affected by Divine Intervention.
Rune2 Absorption Rune: Increases damage absorbed to 80% of the caster’s Max HP.
Rune3 Time Rune: Reduces Cooldown by 45 secs and increases skill duration by 5 secs.


Effect: Unleashes a burst of dark magic. Deals damage to a single target every 2 secs for 12 secs (Cooldown: None). Effect: 450 MDMG +40% MATK.
Rune1 Slaughter Rune: Grants a 15% chance of Stunning targets for 1 sec each time damage is dealt. Also deals splash damage to all targets within 300m.
Rune2 Conversion Rune: Converts 25% of damage dealt into HP for the caster.
Rune3 Branding Rune: Brands target with a Death Mark for 12 secs. Branded targets will lose 1 bonus status every 4 secs.

Spirit Waltz
Effect: Consumes 1% Max HP to deal equivalent damage to up to 10 targets within a 350m radius. (Cooldown: None. Click the skill icon a second time to disable skill.)
Rune1 Transfusion Rune: Reduces healing ability by 50% but increases skill damage by 300% during the Spirit Waltz duration.
Rune2 Cracked Rune: Reduces movement speed of all affected targets by 10%, as well as reducing healing ability by 20%, damage by 30%, and DEF and MDEF by 10%.
Rune3 Echo Rune: Converts up to 30% damage dealt into the caster’s HP.

Devil’s Contract
Effect: Sign a contract with the devil. Grants immunity from death for 5 secs. (Cooldown: 120 secs)
Rune1 Binding Rune: Increases death immunity duration by 3 secs.
Rune2 Sacrifice Rune: Consumes your Pet when Devil’s Contract ends to restore 40% Max HP.
Rune3 Devilish Rune: Decreases Cooldown by 40 secs and grants immunity against all abnormal statuses during the Devil’s Contract skill duration.