[Wings of Destiny] [Guide] Knight's Transcendence

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Knight Transcendence Guide


Rip Charge
Effect: Deals physical damage to a single target every 2 secs for 8 secs (Cooldown: None). Effect: 500 DMG +45% ATK.
Rune1 Healing Rune: Heals you while dealing continual damage to an enemy target. Effect: 40% Max HP.
Rune2 Control Rune: Deals physical damage upon a single target. Reduces target’s healing ability by 50% for the skill duration.
Rune3 Insanity Rune: Grants a 20% chance to instantly end cooldown for the Double Hit skill each time damage is dealt.

Double Hit
Effect: Hits a target in rapid succession. Deals physical damage upon a single target 2 times in a row. (Cooldown: 10 secs)
Rune1 Bloody Rune: Deals 1 additional attack.
Rune2 Deafening Rune: Reduces movement speed of nearby targets by 50% for 5 secs when using the Double Hit skill.
Rune3 Violent Rune: Activates the Wild Strength buff. Increases your ATK, DEF and MDEF by 10% when using the Double Hit skill.

Death Grip
Effect: Pulls a target toward you. (Cooldown: 20 secs)
Rune1 Haunting Rune: Pulled target will be Stunned for 2 secs.
Rune2 Reach Rune: Increases Death Grip range to 200m and reduces Cooldown by 5 secs. Restores 10% Max HP each time Death Grip is used.
Rune3 Weaken Rune: Pulled target will take 20% additional damage for 5 secs.


Effect: Deals damage to all nearby targets (Cooldown: 15 secs). Effect: 500 DMG +80% ATK.
Rune1 Roaring Rune: Restores 5% Max HP/sec and grants immunity to Critical Damage when using Stampede. Lasts 3 secs.
Rune2 Fatal Rune: Pushes nearby targets away by 300m and instantly ends Cooldown for the Charge skill.
Rune3 Scatter Rune: Increases Stampede range to 200m and inflicts the Dazed status on all nearby targets for 2 secs.

Fatal Throw
Effect: Throws a deadly ax at a target. Deals damage to a single target and earns a tremendous amount of Rage. (Cooldown: 10 secs). Effect: 900 DMG +130% ATK.
Rune1 Shock Rune: Decreases movement speed of targets affected by Fatal Throw by 70% for 5 secs.
Rune2 Ripping Rune: Decreases damage taken from targets affected by Fatal Throw by 70% for 5 secs.
Rune3 Oppression Rune: Decreases healing ability of targets affected by Fatal Throw by 90% for 5 secs.

Spirit Guardian
Effect: Summons a powerful Spirit Guardian for 15 secs. The Spirit Guardian possesses the Charge skill (Cooldown: 15 secs) and may inflict the Dazed status on a target for 2 secs (Cooldown: 40 secs).
Charge Effect: 500 DMG +100% ATK. Guardian ATK: 5,000, HP: 50,000, Damage Absorption: 99%.
Rune1 Support Rune: Cancels all abnormal statuses upon summoning the Spirit Guardian. Reduces all damage taken by 40% while Guardian is present.
Rune2 Sustenance Rune: Increases Spirit Guardian’s duration by 10 secs. Restores 2% Max HP/sec.
Rune3 Protective Rune: While the Guardian is present, increases your DEF and MDEF by 1% each time 1% of HP is lost. Guardian’s Charge skill Cooldown is reduced by 9 secs.