[Wings of Destiny] [Guide] Priest's Rune Skills

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Priest: Able to amass vast amount of spiritual energy, the Priest is an expert healer and can remove many debuffs. Able to specialize as a Cleric or Inquisitor as the game progresses.

Arguably the most important profession and the backbone of any Team, Priests are support professions that are responsible for healing allies.

Bestowed with both Radiant & Dark magic, Priests are capable of both support and curse spells. Priests are a force to be reckoned with as they can deal severe damage over time.


Holy Flare Default attack skill. (Single-Target)

Absolution Regular single-target attack/single-target heal. (Single-Target – Buff)
Rune #1) Increases damage by 10%.
Rune #2) Increases healing by 10%.
Rune #3) Increases MATK by 1% each time a skill is used. Effects stack up to 10 times. Lasts 5 secs.

Infusion Single-target restoration/damage-over-time attack. (Single-Target)
Rune #1) Omits the first round of damage/healing after casting. Removes skill cooldown.
Rune #2) Unleashes total damage/healing effect at the same time. Increases Cooldown by 8 secs.
Rune #3) Increases damage/healing effect by 10%.

Bestow Continually heals nearby allies over time. (AOE)
Rune #1) Absorbs all damage taken when casting Bestow.
Rune #2) Grants immunity to Knock Back and Stun effects.
Rune #3) Increases recovery effects by 30%.

Circle of Refuge Summons a magic circle that deals continual damage to enemy targets while continually healing allied targets within. (AOE)
Rune #1) Increases skill range by 100m and reduces Cooldown by 15 secs.
Rune #2) Inflicts damage/heals once per sec. Reduces skill duration by 5 secs.
Rune #3) Increases damage/healing effects by 15%.

Blessing Increases ally Max HP. (AOE – Buff)
Rune #1) Increases HP improvement by 100%.
Rune #2) Increases DEF and MDEF by 5%.
Rune #3) Increases ATK and MATK by 5%.

Disintegrate Powerful single-target attack that reduces target’s damage value. (Single-Target)
Rune #1) Increases Dazed status duration by 1.5 secs.
Rune #2) Decreases enemy healing ability by 30% for 10 secs.
Rune #3) Removes all bonus statuses from a target.