[Wings of Destiny] [Guide] Hunter's Rune Skills

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Hunter: Swift, agile, and quick on the draw, Hunters are a skilled ranged class suitable for players who prefer from a distance. Able to specialize as either a Ranger or Stalker as the game progresses.

With superior field of vision, a Hunter’s ranged abilities are key for many battles.

Renowned for their agility and accuracy, Hunters carefully end their target’s existence with the quick draw of their arrow. The killing efficiency of the Hunter is near limitless as they can enchant their arrows with magic spells.


Simple Shot Default attack skill. (Single-Target)

Piercing Shot Regular single-target attack. (Single-Target)
Rune #1) Decreases 15% of a target’s DEF.
Rune #2) Reduces Cooldown by 1.5 secs.
Rune #3) Increases damage by 20%.

Concentrated Shot Advanced single-target attack. (Single-Target – Buff)
Rune #1) Guarantees Critical Damage. (Cooldown: 4 secs)
Rune #2) Increases damage by 20% and Chant duration by 0.5 sec.
Rune #3) If Impact Shot is cooling down, skill cooldown will be reduced by 0.5 sec each time Concentrated Shot is used.

Impact Shot Powerful single-target attack that pushes enemies back and inflicts Dazed. (Single-Target)
Rune #1) Inflicts the Stunned status on targets hit for 1.5 secs, but increases Cooldown by 5 secs.
Rune #2) Reduces Cooldown by 3 secs.
Rune #3) Reduces target’s damage by 25% and HP Regen by 50%. Lasts 6 secs.

Cloud Splitting Arrow Deals damage to all enemies in a straight line. Also reduces Movement Speed of affected targets. (AOE – Buff)
Rune #1) Reduces Cooldown by 3 secs.
Rune #2) Increases movement speed reduction effects by 20%.
Rune #3) No longer reduces target’s movement speed, but increases damage by 80%.

Rain of Arrows An AOE attack that requires manual control. (Directed AOE)
Rune #1) No longer requires manual direction. (Cooldown: 3 secs)
Rune #2) Increases skill range by 200m and reduces target’s movement speed by 15%.
Rune #3) Increases damage by 50%.

Escape Temporarily increases your Movement Speed. (Survival)
Rune #1) Using the Escape skill will cancel Frozen and Stunned statuses.
Rune #2) Restores 4% Max HP every 2 secs during the Escape skill duration.
Rune #3) Reduces Cooldown by 40 secs.

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Hi there , i dunno if you got relation with IGG french team of WoD but the impact shot don’t have the dazed status as he should,
the only stun effect is with the 1st rune and 1.5sec is such a joke since its the time of the animation knockback…