[Wings of Destiny] [Guide] Knight's Rune Skills

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Knight: High HP and DEF. Employs melee combat as its primary mode of attack. Able to specialize as either a Crusader or Berserker as the game progresses.

An unbeatable melee combatant, basing its primary stats on Strength, the Knight possesses a natural advantage by having the highest HP and Defense of all four classes.

The Knight is extremely versatile. As a tank, it can absorb exorbitant amount of damage, generally keeping teammates from harm. When it comes to dealing damage, the Knight can dish out rapid and lethal combos to his enemies.


Hack Default attack. (Single-Target)

Furious Chop Regular single-target attack. (Single-Target)
Rune #1) Increases damage by 20%.
Rune #2) Reduces Cooldown by 1.5 secs.
Rune #3) Guarantees Critical damage. Increases Cooldown by 2 secs.

Explosive Strike Advanced single-target attack. (Single-Target)
Rune #1) Ignores 10% of the target’s DEF.
Rune #2) Reduces Cooldown by 2 secs.
Rune #3) Increases damage by 20%.

Charge Single-target attack that allows you to rapidly move towards a target. (Single-Target)
Rune #1) Reduces target’s movement speed by 70% for 2 secs. Reduces Charge skill Cooldown by 2 secs.
Rune #2) Grants immunity to abnormal statuses for 3 secs after using the Charge skill.
Rune #3) Restores 10% Max HP after using the Charge skill.

Tornado Chop Primary AOE attack that requires manual control. Causes damage to all enemies hit by the skill. (Directed AOE)
Rune #1) Allows the Tornado Chop skill to be cast while moving. Reduces damage by 20%.
Rune #2) Increases damage dealt by Tornado Chop by 50%.
Rune #3) Increases skill range of Tornado Chop. Reduces damage taken while using Tornado Chop by 50%.

Vigilance Temporarily decreases all damage taken. (Survival)
Rune #1) Increases Vigilance duration by 3 secs.
Rune #2) Reduces Cooldown by 20 secs.
Rune #3) Increases movement speed by 20% when using Vigilance. Allows this skill to be cast while Stunned.

Intimidation Reduces nearby enemy Physical Defense (DEF) and increases their Rage. (AOE)
Rune #1) Increases DEF reduction by 100%.
Rune #2) Reduces Cooldown by 10 secs.
Rune #3) Increases skill range by 100%.