[Wings of Destiny] Player Feedback Discussion

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Every game needs one. Here it is.

A thread for players to make requests and to offer feedback on various features and events.

Try to be constructive please.

Here’s a few to begin with.

(3/11/13) – If there isn’t already one, I’d like to see a developer blog for Wings of Destiny, on which the developers can talk about plans for the game that they are considering for the future. This would be a good way to keep players interested in how the game develops.

(3/11/13) – I’d like to see the rewards from guild quests and Vincent quests scale more with level.

(3/11/13) – I’d like to see more minigame quests at higher levels.

(3/11/13) – A quest or event that specifically rewards cards would enrich the gameplay and help balance play a little.

(3/11/13) – More events that both supporters and non-supporters can participate in together would help strengthen the player base. It doesn’t even have to involve rewards. Events could be held to determine the story of new quests added in the future, or the nature of new events.

(3/11/13) – Please don’t hold events that benefit only 1 or 2 people in the entire game (looking at the lvl 80 event). It makes the game seem much smaller than it really is. Please ask for player feedback for future events.

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You get minigame dailies at level 70 if that helps (or maybe 71). lol

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(3/12/13) – I recommend removing Bag of Coins from the rewards in Alchemist’s Request to ease the grind a bit when gathering craft materials, as well as stimulate the in-game market.

(3/12/13) – Inter-guild events with limited representatives (up to 1 team per) could generate more community-based excitement in the game. This could be something like registering a guild team for an event that begins at a specific time. Perhaps a new limited access area similar to the Romance Manor where a contest like a scavenger hunt with riddles awaits the competing teams.

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(3/13/13) – A Mercenary System in which you can hire AI-controlled team members for teams (perhaps a maximum of 1 or 2) would go a long way to making certain events/dungeons more accessible to players.

(3/13/13) – The option to unleash a team of up to four pets during Escort Quests could make it more interesting.

(3/13/13) – The Escort Quests could stand a bit of tweaking for better rewards to encourage participation. Perhaps a gift box included in the rewards upon completion containing craft materials, gem pieces, exp scrolls, etc.

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(3/14/13) – The drop rate for [Giant Beast Bone] craft material is in need of a boost.

(3/14/13) – Spawn rates for all mining locations need to be boosted so that they spawn 10 seconds after mining.

(3/14/13) – The Water of Life that spawns in the Olivia city for certain quests needs to have its name fixed so that English letters appear instead of Chinese characters.