[Soul of Guardian (SOG)] Happy White Valentine's Day!

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Event: Confess Your Love
[Event Time] March 12, 03:01 – March 15, 23:59 (PDT)
[Event Server] All Servers
[Details] Boy and girls, White Valentine’s Day is around the corner, time to confess your love to him/her! Don’t be shy, just try, and SOG will reward you! First, take a screenshot of you, your Pet, another player of opposite sex and his/her Pet (if you can’t get a player of opposite sex to take a picture with you, u can find one of the same sex, we won’t judge, we promise, hahaha). Second, yell “I love you, XXX (player’s name)” with Wind Horn in the World Channel, and take a screenshot of it. Lastly, post the two screenshots on the event forum, and you will be rewarded with Lollipop x5.

Here is an example:
Character Name: Guide
Server No.: S33

• Each player can only be rewarded once.
• Please DO write down your Character Name and Server No.
• Rewards will be sent to your in-game mailbox 48 hours after the event ends.