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As a Wastelander, you’re a part of the Wasteland Empires world. Without you, the player, there is no game!
But we want you to become an even closer part of that world – we want to know where YOU take the next Chapter in Wasteland Empires!

Our challenge to you is:
Write the next step in the Wasteland Empires saga… Where do you want to see Ethan go next?

TO ENTER: Write your story below, in as much detail as you wish, about anything you wish. Be creative!
The winning entry will have their story-line used in Wasteland Empires, along with a prize of…

300 Gold

Is that enough incentive?

Entries close on March 31st. GO!

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And where does the story start from? You said it is used in Wasteland Empires, but FB is already FAR from where we are now. So wo we continue where we are here at Kongregate, or do we continue where FB is?

Can you elaborate where Ethan actually is and what has just happened to him in the last chapter(s). :)

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Yeah, waiting on the details which AleisterB asked for, then I’ll give you a story.

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The Bringer of Fire

Like a cannon, the thunder struck through the horizon as a burning object forced its way to the atmoshpere. Everyone’s eyes were glued to this ball of fire now approaching the surface. What it is was a question on everyone’s mind. As surely as Ethan noticed it, his enemies saw it as well and a race to the object had began…

  • * *

Upon reaching the object it becomes clear it’s an omega class Colony Ship, one of the last, largest and best equipped. It has crash-landed, but with very small to moderate damage. On the location the ship is guarded by old Omega soldier while their scientists are studying the ground. Nearby seems to be ruins of a failed Raider raiding party. Upon approaching them, they seem cautious but not as hostile as one might have presumed. Due to the raider attack, they have hard time trusting Ethan and his motives, but Ethan decides to proof his worth by getting rid of the nearby Raider towns. The people in the Omega Ship agree.

Ethan attacks two warlords in two towns and wipes them out. He then proceeds to attack the third, the last one, but upon arrival he finds their camp almost empty. After that he returns to the ship only to see it fully over-ran by the third Raider Warlord. The omega citizens, soldiers and scientists lay dead around the ship. Ethan engages in battle and defeats the last raider Warlod.

Ethan proceeds deeper into the ship and stumbles upon the ship’s very own AI, fully developed individual being indentifying itself as the Prometheus, the bringer of fire. Ethan helps Prometheus by defeating the last of the raiders attacking him. Prometheus is thankful to Ethan, but doesn’t fully trust him. He is unsure whether Ethan is just another raider or an potential ally. He promises to help Ethan, should Ethan go and rescue all the prisoners still alive, but taken away by the raiders. Ethan must hurry and find the secret base of the third Warlord where some of the raider’s omega captives are still alive.

After releasing them, Ethan returns to Prometheus who then shares him with a piece of history. He says his ship was the last to be tasked to leave earth, the biggest and fully armed the ship was prepared to colonize any world it lands to. However, Prometheus was given the ability to fully control the ship and being an individual self-developing AI, he had chosen a different path. Instead of following rest of the Omega and becoming just another pilgrim, a small part of their already inhabited world, he choce to stay behind and wait until Earth was ready to be inhabited again. For tens of years he waited and observed the surface as the people aboard his ship grew older. New families were born and the fully equipped ship was their home for many decades. Now, however, there was an malfunction in the gravitation field causing the ship to slowly crash toward Earth. Prometheus was not sure whether Earth is ready for them yet, but as he was forced to crash, he chose a place he had scanned to have some civilized and organized people: Ethan’s camp. Prometheus was impressed how Ethan and the rest of his grew had managed not only to survive in the harsh wasteland, but to actually build a place people can call home.

Not many of the people in the colony ship had survived, but Ethan have now gained a new ally. Maybe not strong in numbers, but important in information and technology. Should Ethan help Prometheus to repair and protect the ship, Prometheus has promised him vital information on all of Omega, both the robots and those who had already fled to the other world. That is if Ethan can trust the AI.

Sadly the raiders weren’t the only ones who noticed the ship and more dangerous fights are surely ahead of Ethan should he wish to succesfully defend the ship…

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Yeah i got no idea how far the storyline goes.

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Since there’s still no reply by now, i assume kane won’t be checking back until the deadline. May as well make something up.

Potential Friend or Foe?

A mysterious signal asking for assistance from all friendly colonies in the area is intercepted by Ethan. Scouts are sent to the source and discover something disturbing. The mutants are back but even smarter with more advanced technology. Forces are sent to a mutant outpost to halt their advance but your forces are intercepted while returning. Ethan and the soldiers are captured. Instead of killing all the soldiers, they are taken alive. Ashlen and Ezma are surprised by this new development. Usually, mutants are very hostile and intend to kill others.

A mutant ambassador appears, offering an alliance and peace treaty. It claims that they have developed a peaceful society and want no part in the plans of their more hostile counterparts. Naturally, Ashlen and Ezma do not trust the mutant ambassador and in response, the ambassador offers a joint attack on a nearby hostile force (depends) and releases all the prisoners including Ethan. Given no choice but to go along with it, you attack the hostile force. Mutants are given to you under your command.

Still not trusting the mutants, Madison Alder sends scout teams keep a close eye on the “new mutants”. You must build more defenses to better defend your colony in the worst case scenario.

Madison Alder reports that a friendly mutant base is being overrun by a large hostile force of mutants. Intrigued by this situation, Ethan sends forces to help the friendly mutants and crush the nearby hostile mutant camp. It just so happens that you save the leader of the friendly mutants. As a thanks, you are given control of the mostly destroyed mutant base (You get a secondary base with mutant technology. hooray!). It is now your job to rebuild this base and the mutant ambassador now works under you.

With the newly solidified alliance, Ethan has gained a very valuable ally… but also made an old enemy more dangerous. The hostile mutants are great in numbers and are angered by this alliance, striking fiercely with the intent to “stop the rebellious mutants”. Ethan sends both human and mutant forces to push back the hostile mutant forces. Surely nothing can stop the development of this new civilization… right?

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The Wild-Wild West

Ethan wakes up to the sound of a convoy of armoured limousines. An unknown force is knocking at their gates with white flags raised. Cautiously Ethan approaches the gate where he is being greeted by a man in suit getting up from one of the limousines. The man in suit identifies himself as an ambassador of a New Nation of the West. He requests a peaceful audience and while the rest of his men are left outside, the ambassador is accepted inside the gates to meet with Ethan.

The Ambassador tells Ethan he represents a new force, a new Nation that has quickly been able to spread and take control of all the lands in the west. They are powerful and many and they’ve taken down most of the threats, mutants, raiders and robots alike. The ambassador’s request is simple, he wants Ethan and his town to join the the New Nation and work for them to further spread their influence and to secure peace. While the offer sounds tempting, if there’s anything Ethan has learned in the wastelands, it is if something sounds too good to be true, it often isn’t true. Ethan knows never to trust anyone on the first sight and as he wants time to think. The ambassador welcomes him to come with them to the West to meet with their leaders and to see for himself how well things are. Cautiously Ethan agrees and leaves Ezma in control. He asks Ezma to assemble a small scouting party to carefully follow him just in case things go bad. Ethan jumps into one of the armored limousines with the amassador and heads off to west, followed by trusted scouts.

Few days pass with nothing to report until both Ethan and the scouting party returns. Ethan seems to be filled with joy as he bears news of what he has seen. He tells the rest of his camp about the wonders of the West, about a tall city called Phoenix that raises from the ash and thousands of people with fresh water, cooked food, entertainment, order and most of all security and peace. Ethan describes their armies massive with more fire power he has ever seen before, surely enough to tame any beast, mutant or robot threatening the wastelands. While many seem impressed and eager to join them, Ezma is not so easily impressed. Ezma senses something is off in Ethan. He seems to be too… happy. Ezma asks her trusted scouts if they’ve seen anything out of ordinary, but they have nothing to tell her. Upon night Ezma sneaks out of the camp, takes one of her bikes and heads down to west, to Phoenix, the city location Ethan has described them. She believes further investigation is in order.

Days pass and the ambassador of the West keeps visiting Ethan’s camp to speak about future plans. Ethan starts the preparations to secure his camp to be the new frontier of the New Nation. All of his people are eager to help with promises of security and peace. Just when the preparations are done, Ezma returns with grim face and dire news. Drugs. She has come to witness how the New Nation use strong drugs to “turn” people. She witnessed how even the raider captives were quickly turned into a law-abiding citizens with a smile on their face ready to work and die for the New Nation. She knew something was wrong and she believes Ethan has been drugged as well. With her loyal followers, she takes control of the camp and takes Ethan into custody to clear his head. Ethan swears there’s nothing wrong with him, but against his pleas, Ethan finds himself in a locked room.

Two days pass and the Ambassador returns to the camp again, this time only to be greeted by Ezma. Upon requesting Ethan, Ezma lies and tells him Ethan had to take care of urgent errands and will be gone for few days. The Ambassador seem suspicious and requests to stay in the camp over night. Ezma agrees, but places him under constant watch. The ambassador is constantly asking for Ethan, which makes Ezma even more alerted. A day pass and Ezma goes to check on Ethan who seems to be suffering from some kind of withdrawal symptoms. It seems like the drug doesn’t last for long unless constantly given, which explains why the Ambassador has been visiting their town every few days. This is all the proof Ezma needs to take action into her own hands. She gives the command to secure the Ambassador and search him for any drugs. The Ambassador resists and tells Ezma Ethan would not agree. Against his will, Ezma continues and finds what seems to be a small container for gas. It seems like the drug is spread through air. The Ambassador is taken prisoner.

Few days pass and Ethan wakes up from his withdrawal symptoms, once again looking to be himself. He visits their prisoner, the Ambassador to question him, but the Ambassador laughs and tells them there’s nothing they can do for him. It seems like the Ambassador is a victim as well. Ethan wants to save him, but it seems like a longer exposure to the drug is permament. The Ambassador tells them they will not get away with this and the wrath of the New Nation will wipe them all out. After that he attacks Ethan and Ezma is forced to shoot him down… with no regrets. Now one thing is clear though, Ethan, Ezma and the rest of them are in a bad spot. From the west raises a strong Nation with an army bigger and more powerful they’ve ever seen before and they’ve just declined their peace offering. Not only that, they’ve killed their Ambassador and revealed them for who they truly are. It is time for Ethan to raise the town’s defences and seek for new alliances. Once the New Nation hears of Ethan’s betrayal, only god knows what will happen to them. It is now on Ethan’s shoulders to secure the east and forge a new united power from his neighbouring towns to fight against the rising beast of the west.

Not all hope is gone though. The New Nation doesn’t know of the death of their ambassador yet, nor do they know Ethan is no longer under the effect of the drug. This gives them an advantage. Ethan and Ezma frames the death of the ambassador to be a raider attack to draw suspicion off from them. Not only that, because the New Nation believes Ethan is one of them, he is now free to walk amongst them to gain vital information. For now at least… but who knows how long will it take until they realize Ethan is playing them for a fool…

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OK, so I drew my inspiration from the fact that the robots found in chapter 11 are friendly…

Nobody likes a traitor

“What the… ?”

Optional detail: The Uplink Transmitter emits a constant blue light (instead of the usual blinking red)

A bunch of mutant units (even the “cute” rhinos that women love) storm the players’ bases from various angles. In the last 20 seconds of the attack, a few robot units join the attack.


Ethan: Where did that come from? Is everybody OK?
Ivan Karloffski: Have no clue, they popped up out of nowhere.
Madison Alder: Everyone is OK Ethan, we have no casualties. But my scouts were totally taken by surprise on this one.
Ezma: Well, I for one am not OK. Am I the only one who noticed that mutants and robots attacked us together???
Ethan: Ezma is right, why is the Upllink Transmitter acting weird?
Ezma: Something’s up and I bet that base nearby has an answer or two. Either way, I’m going to investigate!

Rewards: 400 of each resource and 2x Propane Tanks


In order to understand what happened, the mutant base where the attack came from needs to be raided. This base has all mutant buildings, except the town hall, which is a robot one covered in mutant slime. (If the designers won’t do it, I guess you can place a normal looking robot main hall)


Ethan: Just like the old days, Ezma… you and me against the world. I bet we can find more about this attack in that Omega main hall.
Ezma: Right, Ethan! Die Freaks!…

Returning home after the attack, players will have to survive another mutant attack before the dialogue scene.

Ethan: What’s on that data core Ivan?
Ivan Karloffski: It appears that our robot friends have betrayed us.
Ezma: I knew we couldn’t trust talking tin cans!
Sparky: Judging by the tone of your voice, that was probably an insult. Maybe this will help you trust us “talking tin cans”.
Ivan Karloffski: Sparky is right. Investigate this nearby robot base he discovered, it might be what’s interfering with our Uplink Transmitter. Some weird signals are coming from over there.

Rewards: 3x Metal Tubes, 3x Nanites and 3x Shipping Containers

“The proof is out there”

Attack the newly spanwed robot base, discover one of the friendly robots’ lieutenants which is working with a RFMM device (Radio Frequency Mutant Manipulator). He has already inserted one into your uplink transmitter during their last visit, in order for mutants to be drawn like a magnet to your base.


Ethan: So UN-F0R61V3N, you are behind all this! Guess you don’t think you need our protection anymore!
UN-F0R61V3N: Aahh! Inferior humans cannot protect us!
Ezma: What did I tell you about talking cans?
Ethan: No time to be funny, Ezma. You, get the mutants off our backs or face the consequences!
UN-F0R61V3N: I’d rather be turned into a tin can!!
Ethan: So be it…

Rewards: 2x Omniweave Titanium

“Alliance Shmalliance”

The harmless robots leader agrees to prove its friendship by fixing the uplink transmitter in your base. For that, you will need to bring him something from this other robot base.


(Don’t know the exact name of the friendly robots leader): “I am so sorry about this, as I should have investigated UN-F0R61V3N before he acually did something. This will not affect our friendship, right? Here, I’ll fix the uplink transmitter for you. All you have to do is bring me some parts from this robot base I’ve located for you.
Ezma: Do you REALLY want to continue down this road? Don’t you know that “Fool me once…” saying?
Ethan: I believe him and their technology will be of aid to us in the future. Yes (insert robot leader’s name), we will help you fix our transmitter.

Rewards: 10x mushrooms

“Advanced couples therapy”

Destroy the robot base and return the friendly robots base with the part

1st Dialogue:

Madison Alder: This is it! Ethan, will you do the honors?
Ethan: Sure thing!

2nd Dialogue:

Ethan: We have found the part you required, can you fix the uplink transmitter now?
(Unnamed robot leader): Yes. You will not regret maintaining this friendship.

Rewards: 2x Data Pads

“BFFs for ever?”

Return to base, uplink transmitter is now fixed to not draw mutants to your base anymore. A bit more arguing between a still suspicious Ezma and Sparky, which can lead to different endings of your choice.



Mireille Rain: This one is glad that the transmitter is once again working properly.
Ethan: Yes, it appears that the danger has disappeared.
Ivan Karloffski: Can’t wait to see what useful technologies they will share with us in the future.



Ethan: Good job people, we have the transmitter working again.
Ezma: Yeah, but for how long? Just wait until the talking tin cans betray you again.
Sparky: You need to be more grateful for their help and leave this accident behind.
Ezma: Enough you soulless piece of junk!
Ivan Karloffski: Noooo!!

Ezma shoots Sparky ruining it. This can lead to a whole new chapter just to fix Sparky.



Ethan: Good job people, we have the transmitter working again.
Ezma: Yes, you just prolongued their presence in your base. Who knows what other functions that transmitter serves them.
Ethan: You need to start trusting people Ezma.
Ezma: I can trust people, it’s the robots that I will never trust. Don’t be so foolish, who’s to say someone or something doesn’t reprogram them against you?
Ethan: Maybe I was foolish to rescue you…
Ezma: You are so soft Ethan, you expose all of us to danger just because you are naive and weak.
Ethan: If you are so strong, then why are you here with us?
Ezma: True, I do believe I’d be better on my own!

Ezma leaves but gets captured by enemy Raiders, leaving room for an extra rescue chapter.

Rewards: 2500 of each resource

2x Energy Cells, 1x Universal Constructor 10 Gold

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That wild wild west chapter reminded me of the last 4 episodes in the Walking Dead… :P Does the Governor ring any bells? :))

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Cevaul’s format is nice, think i’ll use something similar.

The dialogue needs some tweaks to fit their style, especially Ezma.

Atlantis 51, The Omega Complex

Legend has it that one of Omega’s great secret facilities is located under the sea. What it holds is a mystery but it may hold the key to our survival…

1) A Sea of Goo

Send a party to explore the wasteland desert which was once a sea. Locate the Omega facility and destroy all automated defenses in the area. Avoid toxic waste, they will harm your soldiers. The facility is suppose to be a a dome. A small part of it sticks out of the sand, covered in toxic waste.


Mireille Rain: “This one believes she has made a discovery.”
Ethan: “What?”
Mireille Rain: “According to the legends of the old world, this one believes an old omega facility is situated by the sea nearby.”
Ashlen Rose: “What sea? After the Great Cataclysm, the seas and oceans are desert and sludge.”
Mireille Rain: “This one believes we are close to a sea which existed before it was consumed.”
Ezma: “Ha, as a former raider, i have explored far and beyond. The area you are talking about is filled with toxic waste”
Ashlen Rose: “Nevertheless, we should send a scout party.”

2) Eyes From Above/Eyes in the Sky

We have stumbled upon the Omega facility. The good news is, it is far bigger than thought to be. The bad news, it’s buried under the desert and covered with toxic waste. Produce (some type of aircraft).


Madison Alder: “Sir, we’ve found it!”
Ethan: “Incredible, we must gather all the information we can.”
Madison Alder: “There’s a slight problem. It seems the facility is huge and most of it is buried under tons of toxic waste”
Ezma: _ “Well then get to work finding the entrance.”_
Madison Alder: “We’ll need some flying machines to scout the whole top surface of the facility.”
Ivan Karloffski: “I’ve got the perfect design for scouting, hopefully they’ll work.”

3) Atlantis 51, it’s real…

Deploy the aircraft and scout the top of the Omega facility. Destroy all defenses and clear the entrance of debris (destroy debris).


Ivan Karloffski: “Their ready, now lets see what they can do.”

4) Gates of Omega, more like Hell

This whole battle will take place in an indoors settings. Forces must be deployed at the entrance. Destroy all the automated defenses and secure the entrance for research teams.


Madison Alder: “We’ve found the entrance and cleared the way but I fear there will be danger the moment we go in.”
Ashlen Rose: “Send a group to secure the entrance and make sure everything that kills is destroyed.”

5) Wrong Button!

You have secured a small portion of the Omega facility and start exploring it. Sparky hacks into the main computer and is greeted by the facility AI. Unfortunately, you are not suppose to be able to access it and have just activated all military robots in the area. Defend your camp from waves of robots with your soldiers.


Ivan Karloffski: “Sparky, do you think you can gain access to the main server?”
Sparky: “Bzzt, of course.”
Sparky: “Accessing Omega Atlantis 51…”
Atlantis 51 AI: “Greetings oxygen users, your presence has been detected and are in violation of code 571.”
Atlantis 51 AI: “Robot security has been dispatched to your location, good day.”
Ivan Karloffski: “Uh-Oh!”

6) Eureka!/Wild Goose Chase

Ivan has found a map of the Omega facility and pinpointed the location of the mainframe computers. Fight through several indoor areas filled with automated defenses and get to the mainframe computers. Last fight could involve a fight against an automated heavy combat mech (big brother of marathon hehe). Possible class names: Leviathan, Dreadnought.


Ivan Karloffski: “I’ve found a map of the facility!”
Ethan: “Great, finally we have an idea of where everything is in the facility.”
Ezma: “It looks like it’s heavily defended. We don’t even know if the map is right.”
Ethan: “We have to get there. This could give us all the information we need.”
Ezma: “At what cost though?”

7) Blood and Iron

You’ve reached the mainframe computers but is disappointed that they were removed. Instead, there is a laboratory with cryogenic stasis cells. Ivan Karloffski is fascinated by the cyborg-like beings in stasis. A combination of flesh and machine, no one knows if they are friendly or hostile. Just to be on the safe side, destroy all cyborgs. Be careful, they may come out of stasis and reactivate! (Put iron man suit in map lol).


Ezma: “Damn, I told you Ethan, there’s nothing there.”
Ethan: “No, we found a laboratory and some stasis cells.”
Ethan: “The research done looks important with all those defenses.”
Ivan Karloffski: “Correct, Ethan.”
Ivan Karloffski: “It seems they’ve been researching advanced cyborgs. Half man and half row-bot, total freaks.”
Ezma: “We should destroy them, they look like they were made for war so we don’t know how dangerous they can be.”
Ethan: “You’re right, make sure you salvage some though just in case they come in handy.”

End Dialogue:

Ezma: “Hey old man, I found this helper bot on the way, think you can fix it up? I’d sure love a personal servant.”
Ivan Karloffski: “Sigh, another row-bot to fix? I’ll see what I can do.”

Rewards: Prototype Cyborg in scrapyard.

8) Omega’s Prodigy (Optional to add in)

We’ve discovered a journal about mutants. According to the journal, a very intelligent mutant form is in stasis inside the facility. Locate the mutant and secure it. After this, the storyline gains a new person in the leadership group.

Ezma: “You won’t believe this. Omega had been experimenting on mutants looking for the next evolutionary path of humans.
Ashlen Rose: “Not a big surprise considering they created the monsters”
Ezma: “It says in the reports that the mutants are getting more intelligent at an alarming rate, some even developing civilized habits while others are even more dangerous.”
Ezma: “It doesn’t say anything more except that a civilized highly intelligent mutant, very human looking, is stored in stasis by the name “Designation X_0001/(name of mutant)” for reasons unknown."
Ethan: “Interesting, we should go check out this “highly intelligent mutant”
Ashlen Rose: “Exactly what I was thinking.”

Ending Dialogue:
Madison Alder: “We’ve found it!”
Ethan: “Release it, but be alert!”
(Mutant name): “Ah that was a good rest. What year is it?”
Madison Alder: “Another talking mutant!”
Ethan: “It’s (year). Come with me and tell me everything about this facility and Omega.”
(Mutant name): “I’m afraid I don’t know much, I’m still young and they only put me in stasis because there’s some emergency. No idea what happened to those fine gentlemen.”
(Mutant name): “My goodness, this place is in horrible shape.”

8/9) When Atlantis Fell/The Fall of Atlantis

While Ethan and Madison are out, we’ve detected a faint life form in one of the bottom floors. Ashlen and Ezma decide to go check it out. On the way, she finds destroyed equipment everywhere and a journal belonging to a Omega scientist. Ashlen and Ezma reach the location and discover something horrifying. The beast that killed everyone in Atlantis 51 was awake. (The battle is running away from a huge mutant. A large, maze like map. Close doors and reactivate towers to slow it down and reach the end.)

Starting Dialogue:

Ezma: “That’s strange… Ashlen do we have anyone in sector G-12?”
Ashlen Rose: “That’s one of the bottom floors, no one should be there.”
Ezma: “Come on let’s see what’s going on”

Dialogue at G-11:

Ashlen Rose: “What happened here.”
Ezma: “Well, seems like someone or something had a panic attack and decided to smash everything”
Ashlen Rose: “Look a journal!”
Ashlen Rose: “Oh dear, this belonged to an Omega scientist. It says that he is one of the last few survivors left in the facility.”
Ashlen Rose: “It says that an experiment had “awaken”, broken out, and killed almost everyone with it’s insatiable hunger."
Ashlen Rose: “His last entries were a repeat of “it’s coming”."
Ezma: “But… what happened to it?”

Dialogue at G-12
Ezma: “My my my, I guess it’s been sleeping here all along. Look at the size of that thing.”
Ashlen Rose: “We have to get out of here.”
(Beast wakes up)
Ashlen Rose: “It’s awake! Fall back!”
Ezma: “Don’t forget to seal the entrances behind us!”

9/10) Beware of Beast/Biological Terror

Whatever it is, it’s big and it’s coming fast. Hold off the beast long enough for everyone to escape. (survival fight, with help of reactivated Omega defense systems.)


Ashlen Rose: “Ethan we have to get out of here now!!”
Ethan: “What why?!”
The Beast (unsure of name): ROARRR!!!” (Large steel doors bang and a large dent appears)
Ezma: “I’ll hold it off so you all can escape.”
Ethan: “Ezma, no…”
Ashlen Rose: “Come on, we have to go.”

It’s Coming… (reserved title)

To be continued…

The next chapter might need to continue from this since it’ll be too long. Basically, there is journal talking about the lockdown of the entire Atlantis facility and the fate of most of the men there. The journal was written by one of the last few survivors running from “it”. The “it” is a mutant monster lurking in the Omega facility and Ethan/Ezma/Ashlen are forced to withdraw and trap the monster forever inside. Sparky kind of gets a new friend (the helper bot found by Ezma). Poor sparky shouldn’t be lonely. ;)

Lurking Pirates (random fill in if necessary)

Raiders have been moving rather close to the Omega facility. Eliminate them so they don’t stumble upon it.

Other Chapter ideas:
Access to second colony
New character different from others (possible right arm to Ethan/Ezma/Ashlen)
New weapons
Different battle concepts, maybe a puzzle/maze.
the start of Omega (top tech companies merge or something)

Alternate name of chapter could be “Olympus” and instead would be located in the mountains (original idea).

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(clapping hands) Just read your chapter proposal skullhead51 and I’m gonna be very honest and say that I for one would love to play your story:)

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Originally posted by cevaul:

(clapping hands) Just read your chapter proposal skullhead51 and I’m gonna be very honest and say that I for one would love to play your story:)

Thanks, I was actually debating whether to stage it in the mountains or make it a former underwater base. Still need to tweak the storyline though.

Also, i don’t really know what happened in the last chapters in FB so not sure if it even fits. That’d be just a shame :O

Extra stuff added too so you might want to reread. Not much before part 6 though.

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Ethan wakes to the tower alarm sound, some visitors are coming. It happens that the tribal’s had close encounter to a new type of mutants (silvers colored, resembling combination of man and wolves).
Tribal chief witness how the new mutants, saved a group of children taken by the slave merchants and freed them near one of his villages, and then vanished. But the main problem is that the slavers are coming to attack again and the tribes need Ethan’s help.

1. Mission : ambush the Slavers in 3 locations( destroy the vehicles, destroy the command post, barracks )

After destroying the slavers forces, Ezma notices that the slavers are mutants also but their mutation is rotten flesh on them, Ivan remembers hearing something of some group like that when he was drinking in a bar at Barterville and suggest to go there to trade for info.

2. Mission: have 5 potatoes and visit Barterville.

At Barterville you exchange food for info and the merchant tells you of the cult of crazy scientists who worship the death, and they never stop hunting for pray.
On the way back you see another caravan going to your territory. you must check them.

3. Mission: attack the caravan and destroy everything.

At the scouting you realize that the caravan are the same slavers and you destroy, in one of the trucks you find clone vats and other equipment, in another dead humans, mutants butcher and their organs frozen. In the last truck are live mutants who resemble wolves. Uncertain what to do with them you bring them to the camp. Then the camp is suddenly attacked.

4. Mission: repel the attackers 2 min

Ezma finds that the mutants understand and can communicate with hand signs; they suggest more defenses to the camp.

5. Mission: Build or upgrade 4 level 7 tower and build 50 level 7 walls

The conversation with the mutants gives you knowledge to their history, they were military experiment of crossbreeding between wolves and Omega guards, they escaped Omega work camp before 100 years and lived in packs the Silver and Black one, because of the mutation they loosed their vocals but gained telepathic connection with others in their packs, same mind connection is share with young children and that is how the saved the slaves from before. They ask for help to free other in their pack which are blocked between our camp and the ash bear tribe village by another slave force. You agree to help if they don’t attack your allies.

6. Mission: destroy 2 slave base and free 10 slave pens

After the attack you find that some Ash Bear tribe villagers and wolves mutant are taken to Slaver laboratory. The freed wolves can find the place because of their telepathic connection and you decide to destroy this cult.

7. Mission: destroy the Laboratory, Barracks, Slave Pen

Conclusion: In the destroyed laboratory you find diaries from Ang Li Trow, one of the scientist. I the diary you find that he was converted because of his intellect to the cult 200 years before, and was the youngest of the “High Riders”, his Chief Tier Kon sent him with a “small” force to establish base for the East Wing of the “Riders of Death” who will arrive in the next year. It looks like there are new troubles on the horizon, but also new allies.

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