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reduced Karma rewards on easy farming maps like 2-2 and Shade of Moroko (2-3) from 1500 to 1050+ … or maybe you call this BALANCE, but lets talk about balance

area 6, harder enemies that hit you for 250+ on secure threat level and 550+ on overrun level. while giving us only 3490 hp on level 24, and weapons are still has basic stats/mods like “moderate boost to armor” that only give +1% damage reduction
its just not possible to play like before

also nerfed power boost from “spicy sushi” and dog spirit helper ( from maybe 60 power to +25) last night i could get power to 244 on prowess focused character having 63 power as base stats. now i could only get it to 150 power with power 75 as base stat.

i understand that this is a new game and many things are tested, but every game needs balance and im afraid spicyworld has caused unbalance in this game

wait…thats not enough, monsters, boss monsters and crates still drop just 1-5 karma shards from area 1-1 to area 6-3, seriously?? a little monster(area 1-1) that you can kill in 1 hit and a boss monster(area 6-3 The Risen One) that needs to be killed in 100 hits, and require some strategy and planning(buffs skills on defence, power mid-battle) before battle give you that exact same rewards!

Point: monsters and crates on higher levels need to drop more karma shards(red karma). give bosses at least 100 red karma and normal monsters at least 10. give crates at least 30 karma. if not…people are not gonna waste their time breaking boxes that give them only a miniscule 3 karma!

oh… but you may say…but there are better chests on harder levels, hmmm, where did all the chest from area 4-3 “Big, Bad Bloodfang” go to? i used to run it and it has at least 5 chests every level. i ran it again today and i dont remember seeing one, while having a plum wine that supposedly gives you Better loot drops, wasted.

The only possible theory is that all those imperial chests from 4-3 grew some legs and fled to 6-1, 6-2 and 6-3. which im of course being sarcastic and joking about. THIS, im fine with, since i already have a lvl 24 prowess that unlocked all level caps currently available. Just good luck to those players that are stuck in the middle maps, trying to find chests ….

also, from 4-1 to 5-3. overruns start getting interesting, tougher, but still doable. BUT, from 6-1 to 6-3 overruns are a big boss battle. Even a 3-monster mob can be considered a boss battle, since each of those guys can do 500+ damage to you. lol good luck with that everyone

so, you have to be really careful not to get swarmed, as you die in less than a second (for prowess). and even if you are the hero that “the legend claim will come save the world” and complete the overrun. the rewards, 1-2k karma in 15-25 mins, are just…not worth the time, when you can do earlier missions in minutes with the same rewards, 1-1.5k, in 2-3 mins without having to worry about dieing or anything.

Point : increase completion rewards for area 6 or reduce difficulty

also, another thing
world threat level system (lower threat = better rewards? higher threats = more exp huh) i just dont get how you can put it this way, you get better rewards by securing all areas and battling weaker enemies in secure mode? how can this be? rpg games dont reward you better equipment for battling weaker enemies. BUT, that is if you managed to lower the threat levels. if you unlocked overruns on all areas like i have, and stop playing for a few hours, you will comeback and see all areas have overrun threat level. lets see the feasiblity of achieving all secure then (completeing mission on any threat level resets it to secure)… you have to SPEED RUN all areas, since threat level increase by 1 level every 20 mins or so. so a total of 6 areas x 3 missions each to speed run = 18 runs/20 mins.

lol good luck with that again. i obviously tried it and found some problems. first, loading times!!! if you just load the game, the map engine for the missions hasn’t been initiated yet, so if you load 1-1 or anything as ur first run of the day, its gonna be a 30 sec to 1 min waiting time, which i can go to the washroom and back, stand up and strech or jog on the spot. since loading will happen every 1-3 mins (the time i take to run 1-1 to 3-3 areas). pretty fast, huh? even when prowess has been nerfed. so i completed the first area and moving on to the 2nd, OH DEAR, different terrain, monsters, breakables means its gonna be a 1-2+ mins loading time again. why not do some physically exercise while ur waiting at it?

obviously i know its gonna take long as it is browser based. but the system in place here just doesn’t work, is allowing kongregate players to play on a downloadable client too much of a work? or do you have it that i dont know of.

okay, okay so now we wont be able to get good loots from playing, but you can always get them in the rare item shop right? 200,000 karma for a level 24 freezing III raging III Nodachi. to me its the best 2-handed weapon in the game since most elemental effects on weapon dont seem to work or have any large effect, so the RAGING III should be good enough.
according to the karma shop before 15/3 update, you can grind 10s of hours(with horrific loading times as mentioned earlier) to get that. or you can buy it with karma lets see….350,000 karma for $100 dollars. so its around 58 dollars if you buy it with kreds or 10 hours if you farm with ur time.

i wasn’t sure that, what i saw, was really what the game was. so i went around looking for reviews of the game, and found gamespot’s review and this pretty much sums it up


“But for now, this one’s for the grinders who need only the promise of better loot to keep pushing forward.”

points to think about : enemies give 12 karma shards/kill around beta stage (January 8) now its just around 4, this really slows down farming

im at the end stage again now, at lvl 24 prowess, i still wanna get that lvl 24 raging 3 freezing 3 nodachi but its 200k karma cost pulls me away, thinking of the feelings i experienced after getting the 145k karma cape with large energy regen, i feel my time is not worth it… so im back to waiting updates,
~ end of story ~

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1. Chests in overrun Area 2,3,4 are invisible, its a bug. Please report it.
2. It’s not prowess which got nerfed, it’s all ALL buffs. Not only inugami or spicy sushi, all food are reduced in buff value. So that’s one reason why higher areas are feeling harder now.
3. Yes the mobs in overrun Area 6 are a bit too strong:P but thats because these area are far ahead of your lvl. Normal is considered your player level. But yeah even i think they could make it easier.
4. In the end probably nobody will read what you wrote here from spicy. Better use Zendesk. They have staff there which constantly look at it and the bug and suggestion reports.


5. Lower threat = better rewards DOESN’T work, it’s bugged or not implemented. There is absolut no difference between maximum overall threat lvl or minimum overall threat lvl =).

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Originally posted by marfagames:
1. Chests in overrun Area 2,3,4 are invisible, its a bug. Please report it.

5. Lower threat = better rewards DOESN’T work, it’s bugged or not implemented. There is absolut no difference between maximum overall threat lvl or minimum overall threat lvl =).

astronaut = long-time players
the cowboy = new players

i hope this game gets better balanced in the future in so many aspects, its still not convincing enough for me to spend money buying karma shards. however, i still hope multiplayer gets implemented soon, this may actually triple or quadruple the content the game has to offer :D playing with a buddy is just much better :DD

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This patch included 13 new bugs btw XD

Multiplayer will probably come around 1-2 month.

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Originally posted by marfagames:

Multiplayer will probably come around 1-2 month.

let’s hope so.