[Wasteland Empires] Chapter 3-Boarding Action (Bugs) (locked)

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March 16th, 2013

The help tab dosent work efficiently if you want to post a problem so here it is-
I’ve been stuck on Chapter 3(Boarding Action) for 2 weeks now. The whole base has been demolished and it wont let me continue. I have attacked again multiple times and have just waited for the timer. Now I’m stuck at a dead end with nothing to do.
Im not the only one with this problem, my friend had it too except his worked the 2nd time.

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I just ran into this problem too. So much for this game.

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Hi iqedz,

I have fixed this for you. You can continue now :)

If others experience this, contact http://support.crowdstar.com and select Wasteland Kongregate from the list, and include your Kongregate ID, which can be found on the game page.