[Zombie Pandemic] Version 1.5.48 is live and includes a lot of bugfixes, new missions and rebalancing

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New characters will literally start bare footed and empty handed as they wake up and their first objective will be to find a weapon to fight the walking dead.

We have also added missions at Bruno’s Weapon Specialist Shop (42,67) and the Chinese family restaurant (34,63) with more missions to come next week.

Bug fixes include issues for users with Firefox and Safari who had problems with the enemy icon and a general fix to clan member invites which would sometimes fail.

The streets are now even more dangerous as the chance of encountering enemies has also been increased while we are looking into rebalancing the map into smaller suburbs and zombie spawning to be less spread out making tactical exploration more important than ever.

For a complete list of the changes check the changelog in the game. Hope you will like it :-)

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I think the chance of being attacked is now a little too high. Moving around is less fun now; looting is a lot harder (since moving into a square and not being attacked happens so much less often) and I get tired of having to run from swarms of zombies all the time. Lately, I’ve felt very apathetic about using my stamina, whereas before, I was using it daily.

I do like having some new missions. Good to see the game continuing to develop.