[Castlot] [News] Debut of the Hero Transformation System

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The world of Castlot is going to change. Like a new galaxy forming after the Big Bang, a Hero Transformation System is taking shape. New challenges and unknown adventures lie ahead. Are you mentally and physically prepared for a new era? Let’s find out.

I. Hero Transforms, Destiny Calls

Old Castlot dwellers know that there are 10 Epic Heroes in the game. Deep down you know the Epic heroes are important and must have their own potential, but on the surface they are not strikingly different from one another. With the arrival of the Hero Transformation System, each Epic hero’s hidden destiny is revealed. The real competition has just begun!

At the core of the Hero Transformation system is Friendship. Now Friendship can do a lot more than slightly increasing a hero’s four basic attributes. When Friendship reaches a certain value, a hero can be transformed. Each hero can transform when the value of his Friendship reaches 100 (Glaze) and 200 (Mould).

The Epic Hero interface of the Hero Hall is renovated accordingly. You can see clearly what bonuses will be added to your heroes after they transform. Each hero can be Glazed (the first transformation when Friendship reaches 100) and Moulded (the second transformation when Friendship reaches 200). Heroes can acquire new bonuses for duels and commanding troops after transformation. Their abilities increase exponentially!

Glazed Attributes

Moulded Attributes

Heroes acquire bonuses at different percentages after transformation. Some heroes may develop particular specialties. For example, Merlin becomes specially good at leading Archers and Mages after he’s Glazed, but he will weaken the attack power of Spearmen and Cavalries if he leads them. Let’s see what will happen to the Epic Heroes after their first transformation.

As for what transcendent bonuses the Epic Heroes can acquire after their second transformation, you will figure that out.

II. Avalon Chests, Heavenly Treasures

Well, Friendship wasn’t built in a day. In Castlot, the only way to increase Friendship is to award heroes Jewelry. To accommodate the increasing demand of Jewelry, Avalon chests are added allowing players to get not only Jewelry, but also Gold and Prestige any time.

You can click the little “+” button on the Epic Hero interface of Hero Hall, or click the Avalon Chest icon on the top right of the screen to open the Avalon Chest interface.

There are 12 chests. Looking at the images of the rewards displayed on the upper half of the Avalon Chest interface, you know what treasures the chests below can offer, but you don’t know which chest one of these treasures is hidden inside. Undoubtedly, opening the Avalon chests is an effective way to get Jewelry. Although opening the Avalon chests requires Diamonds and more Diamonds will be needed for the next time, you have one free chance of opening an Avalon chest every day.

When you have unlocked all 12 chests, you can click Refresh to get another group of chests.

III. Stunning Effect, Hero Hallmark

Transformation will not only show in a numerical way, but also on an aesthetic level. A transformed hero will be surrounded by a special aura when the hero shows up in a duel in Arena or on the battlefield, which showcases the hero’s superiority, gallantry, grace under pressure, and above all, dignity.

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