[Mud and Blood 2] Sword's Basic tips for survival

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Alright, this is for those of you who don’t know what your doing(AKA newbies). There are three things you should almost always do:
1. Spread out! Most waves will have panzergrenadiers, and if your men are clumped together, one nade will kill most of em(sure sometimes a freak incident occurs, but spread em out anyways).
2. Don’t favorite certain troops, not being diverse can kill you in this game. Always have some sort of way to kill both infantry, and tanks.
3. Unless your advancing, don’t be on the top part of the battlefield. Why? Because if a flamer comes, or you order Close air support(or any support really). Your men will be toasted, or hit by your support.

Now then, first thing you do every battle, is check your starting soldiers Rifle and Morale. Now what I do (You don’t HAVE to do what I do), is set the lowest rifle soldiers at the front of my formation(as otherwise they just shoot inaccurately), with high rifle soldiers at the back to act as snipers of a sort. Now what you equip em with is up to you. If you want to, arm your formation like this:
Front liners: shotguns(this way, enemies that pop out get killed)
Middle liners: Thompsons, Carbines.
Back line troops: Garands, Springfields(for your sniper troops).

You should also get an officer, this way you can prioritize your targets(Gunners, tanks, other such problems). If you want to settle down(And not advance), get an engineer and set defenses according to your battle plans. Here’s ones you’ll probably be using:
Barbwire(This sucker is really cheap, and renders opponents unable to act! If you intend to plant mines, make a small gap in the wires. Don’t worry, if the enemy can’t go vertically through it, they’ll snag themselves(Unless they’re brandenburgs).)
Land mines(Cheap, and come a in a triangle of three, these babies work on ANYTHING I’ve encountered so far. And are REALLY good against infantry, and it deals splash damage, so infantry groups are dead meat!)
Antenna(If you intend to use a signaler, this speeds up any future communiques, but so does leveling up the signaler. And it’s cheap too)
Trench(You’ll probably use this for your front liners)
Morter Trench(A circular form of a trench, it not only reduces damage, morters fire faster when in here. It’s also bigger, so it’s a better idea to camnet these instead of a normal trench)
Camnet(This is a very handy building, so long as you get rid of liebstandartes quick. It makes anyone underneath it not count towards your squad total, which means waves will be less tough, and less chances of you getting air striked).

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Nice thread, quite short though. I would like you to give it a bit more info. Lets say Your favourite squad setup, your opinions, post some picturs, becuase I am not quite sure what setup you’re talking about. Ofcourse, if you want ;-D

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Alternatively, give your more inaccurate guys BAR machine guns, they’ll keep the germans pinned down while your back guys take em out.