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I just wonder why you had to “upgrade” AOE skill so badly? Now with no circle displayed ppls who are playing in full screen and with mouse, no keyboard aren’t able to kite mobs and spam them with aoe properly as before. Is this joke or you really mean it? I never saw any mmorpg with aoe skill without any symbol or circle displayed. It just made my gameplaying standards worse by 80%. What you gonna do with it? I am really not sastisfied with current situation. Now you basically forcing players to play in small window or cinematic mode with keyboard to use aoe properly.
This move was fail, seriously. Any explanations why you did it? And is it permament or just during eeaster event? If it would be just for event period, I wouldn’t mind it but hell if it’ll permanent, I will have to quit this game, coz I was used to on something else and not for such a stupid function as it’s now…