[RichState] Get Yourself the Most Fabulous Gifts in Easter Egg Tree!

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Event Duration: After the routine maintenance on Mar. 28, 2013 PDT to Apr. 10, 2013 23:59 PDT.

As spring warms the earth, all flowers begin to bloom. Walk out of the room and enjoy the natural beauty! You may find a surprising gift on the lawn or in the tree~~~

There are totally 8 levels on Easter Egg Tree. Each level contains a number of Egg icons, which represent the tasks. You need to complete the tasks to highlight the corresponding Egg icons. After all the Eggs have been successfully highlighted, you can highlight the whole level and get rewards.

1. Player has to finish all the tasks of one level before highlighting the next one.
2. Tasks of same level need not to be finished in order.
3. You can receive rich rewards after highlighting the whole level. The rewards can be claimed only once.

Rewards List

Rishstate Team reserves all rights to explain or alter this event.

Rishstate Team
March 28, 2013