[RichState] Share the Gift in Easter Egg with Friends!

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Event Duration: After the routine maintenance on Mar. 28, 2013 PDT to Apr. 10, 2013 23:59 PDT.

During the event, you can get an Easter Egg from the second Online Rewards every day. Send it to friends, or smash the Easter Egg obtained from others, you will get a random gift from the following list.

1. You can’t use the Easter Egg received from the Online Rewards, but only those sent by friends as a gift.
2. Each Easter Egg can only be sent for 1 time. You can use up to 3 Easter Eggs every day.
3. All the Easter Eggs will be cleared after the maintenance on Apr. 11, 2013.

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Rishstate Team reserves all rights to explain or alter this event.

Rishstate Team
March 28, 2013