-Easter content now live for a limited time only!- (locked)

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Our Egg Hunter challenge has returned!

Smash as many eggs as you can before the timer runs out and you could earn a special achievement! Hint: Watch out for the silver extra-time egg!

Egg-Cracker Boots and Easter challenge expires: 2nd Apr 23:59

Let us know what you think about it in the comments below (please note: we are unable to answer any technical questions directly via the forums so please submit a ticket from within the game if you have any problems)

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Cool, I got a gold cup!
Oh wait… authentication failure…


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Got to agree with BlackLoter..

But it is an enjoyable addition. Adds a bit of a variety to the game for those who are finished with the storylines. Speaking of which. Storylines. They’re so wonderful in the first season then all but disappear afterwards. I now never hear from my “childhood sweetheart”. My mobile phone makes me seem like the world’s biggest Billy no mates – no one calls, no one texts. My agent has disappeared. This jars a bit with the gaming experience. A few more things (texts from gf, blogs from the fan, messages from the Agent) could just keep things exciting for a bit longer.

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Really great! I scored over 75000 points and waited that 25 energy.
Suddenly – authentication failure. After refresh I get only 12 energy. That sucks badly…