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This is a semi-tutorial of the best ways to spend your resources(namely, imperials and ounces) to get the best cards possible.

1. Ounce:
I. the best way to spend this is draft. Because this have an inherit advantage over buying pro pack as you will have 1/4 chance of essentially getting the content for free, making the price effectively only 3/4 of what you paid. And you will have 1/4 extra chance to get ounce OR talisman on top of that. If your win rate is “on par” this will actually be better deal than the best display set(32 pack for 800). Assuming you are doing 2b-draft, mean return is 75 ounces for each 4 games, or a net expenditure of 165 ounces for 8 packs worth of card. 32 pack worth will therefore cost 660 ounces. This is, of course, assume you can win at a normal rate and does have risks. And it could take a long time as few ppl do drafts.
II. A second way to spend ounces is buying pro when and only when daily quest will be completed with such the purchase of a single pro pack(and cannot be completed otherwise). In this scenario, the common/uncommon aside, you are essentially getting 2 packs for the price of one. And in the long run, common/uncommon is just 600 imperial worth as you will be selling any of those you get. at 15/R, 32 will only cost 480 ounces. But this happens very infrequently so not a stabilized method. So I would advice you keeping 30-60 ounces on hand just in case you get this, but any excess amount can go do drafts. (on a side note, if mission require 2 pro pack to finish, it will be 3 R for 60, or 20/R. 32 will have a cost of 640. This is still better than draft, but insignificantly so. And you will be short 64 common/uncommon so it’s much of a tossup)

2. Imperial
I. for completing daily, but only when you can either get more imp than you spent back OR can complete the whole set.
For the first part(get more imp than you spent), that means if the daily ask for you to buy/gift a gift card, you will definitely do it—you make at least 200 imperial by the task alone. Dragon feeding you can do if you can find a young one that only require 1 food, as that will also net you 200 imperial.(or you can do it in general if it’s your own dragon, cause it need food anyway)
For the second part(complete the whole set), this is for getting the Rare/Ultra card ofc. I would personally suggest an upward of 15000 in expenditure for such a card. What might cost more than that you ask? if there is a task that ask you to get a xxxxx terrain card from a pro/basic booster. It’s possible to get it in one, but the EXPECTED number of packs needed is around 20(depend on element). Don’t count on luck in this case, skip the set.

II. dragon trading. Here is how it works: buy starter boxes, sell any extra common/uncommon and exchange the rares for random rare via the dragon. W/o considering cost of feeding dragon, each rare obtained this way will cost 10500 imperial. Specifically, each 5 sets bought will cost 35000 imperial. You can sell back 28*5=140 cards for 14000 imperial. so the net cost is 21000 imperial. You get 2 rares per set, or 10 per 5 sets, meaning 2 random rares. So it is 10500 imperial. This is why I said in part I that the suggested self-cap for daily is 15000, because any higher will likely to be not worth it as you can get it cheaper via dragon. On the other hand, daily can give a UR where this method can only grant rares. that’s why it’s higher than 10500. You will notice one HUGE problem with this method: dragon’s upkeep. Yes, other than the now and then feeding daily that lets you recoup the cost, it will incur quite a bit of cost on this method. So what to do? one method is letting your old dragon die, really save up, then buy a new one and lvl it up and exchange in batches. it will cost ~35k to perform such an action(as opposed to 600/day), so if you plan on doing this, the saving up period will have to exceed 2 month. But in any case, this is the only method, IMO, other than completing dailys that you should spend your imps in. Given a long enough saving up period, the dragon side cost could be negligible. (for example, 1050k in cards, in other words 100 rare worth, saved up before doing a round of dragon raising, 35k is only a 3% increase in cost) This is also the only way to get rid of excess cards you acquired elsewhere as well, which might pay for the dragon easily(namely, common/uncommon from pro/drafts and commons from mini-boosters you bought for daily)

Just some personal methods I’m currently employing. Granted my dragon is frozen so there is no upkeep cost for me. Got the freezes for free, 196 day worth total…. I’m about half way through that but yeah…..