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Update 6/26 Added Tier 8 cards and more tier 7 cards. Some level rewards. Also planning to add more of the unique magic cards
Recommendations to get cards will be in bold to create the ideal team for the long run This is not to follow as everyone loves variety. Some are debatable

TIER 8 CARDS THAT WILL COME OUT. Ice Axe Champion becomes Doom Axe Champion. Red Dragon becames inferno dragon. Adamant golem becomes Ascendant Golem. All Tier 8 cards are only available by the map 5 Chest. :3
Lava Essence min 52 max 71 +104 damage on win +104 elemental damage on win ( FRom the map 3 super long side quest and costs a shit ton of energy, runes + Gold beware)
Lava droplette > Lava sprite > Lava Spirit > Magma Spirit> Lava Essence

Lord of Hell Min 80 Max 92 27 additional damage when victorious
Redling> Hell Scout> Hell Pursuer> Lord of Hell

Inferno Dragon Min ? max 124 Ignore card type if power x<80
Hatchling>Dragon Pup> Red Dragon > Inferno Dragon

Redling Warlord Min 74 Max 83 40 damage blocked if defeated
Redling>Redling Guard>Redling Heavy guard>Redling master>Redling Berserker>Redling Warlord

Blood Knight min 76 max 85 steal 24 hp and like 48 damage.
Redling>Redling Guard> Redling Gunner>Redling Marksman>Redling Sharpshooter> Blood Knight

Ghost Sword Min: 85 Max 125 Additional 50 damage if victorious
Wandering Swordsman> Ghost sword

Armored Clad Vengeance 84? 95 If victorious inflict 40 damage to yourself
Fire sprit> Vengeful boulder>More of Vengefulness>Armored Clad

Magma boil Min 58 Max 65 Inflicts 80 damage to opponent if defeated
Fire spirit>vengeful spirit armor > sensitive maktum > the untouchable> Magma Boil

Icy Doom Axe Wielder Min 110-115 Max 130 35 additional damage if victorious ignores defense/ armor of enemies with power levels x<120
Water tribe sprite> Axe Thrower/Warrior chain> ruthless Molten> Ice Axe Champion> Icy Doom Axe Wielder

Ice Cave Elder Min 70 Max 93 Reduce damage by 38 if Defeated Gain 33 hp + stops bleeding if victorious
Water Tribe sprite> Yeti pup> Ice Cave gatekeeper> Ice Cave Dweller > Ice Cave Elder

Spirit ruler Min 65 max 77 Absorb 60% of opponent’s monster’s power if victorious
Blue Tribe Sprite>Zombie>Revived shaman>Healing Shaman>Souleater Shaman>Spirit ruler

Ravenous claws Minx 68 Max 76 Absorb 34 hp from opponent if victorious
Blue Tribe Sprite>Zombie>Cursed Zombie> Another zombie> Ravenous Claws

Blizzard Flurry Min 93 Max 122 Shield 50 damage Ignore type of card if x<60

Dew of Dawn>Ice Spirit> Glacier Spirit>Peak Spirit> Blizzard Flurry

Essence of the Sea Min 70 Max 85 Inflicts 30 extra dmg if against green type cards Absorb 65% of opponent’s monsters power to health
Dew of Dawn>Lake Spirit>Wave spirit> Essence of the Sea

Holy Armor Min 67 Max 77 Removes all negative status effects when played, Shields 45 damage if defeated
Paladin> Holy armor

Frozen Edge Master min 95, max 105; 32 bleed damage for 3 turns on win
Icicle Thrower>Edge thrower>Edge Master> Frozen Edge Master

Bloody Werewolf min 58 max 68 2 turns of 30 bleed damage on win

Icicle thrower>Edge thrower>razor claws> Blood thirsty wolf>Blood Drenched wolf> Bloody Werewolf


Ascendant Golem Min ? Max 123 Ignore card type x<65 Shields 75 damage if defeated
Green Tribe Sprite>Swamp golem>Swamp boulder golem>Boulder golem>Mountain Giant> Adamant Golem> Ascendant Golem

Mushroom Alchemist Min 42? Max 50 IF defeated poisons 4 turns of 36 damage, If Victorious 30% reduction to attack for opponent next turn.

Green Sprite> Swamp Mushroom> Wizened Shroom > Wizened Shroom Alchemist
Skeleton Wizard Min 63? Max 67? 50% power decrease in opponent if victorious
Cursed Bones>Skeleton Wizard

Magic sword Armor Armor Min 117 Max 156 If defeated inflicts 65 damage to yourself
Skeleton> Cursed Sword series > Magic Sword Armor> Reanimated Warlord

Night walker Min 73 Max 78 6 if victorious 6 turns of 12 poison damage arrows to enemy
Skeleton>Skeleton Archer>Forestry Skeleton Archer>Night walker

Minotaur Min 60? Max 70 Ignores 50 defense – Shitty card ^^
Earth spirit>Rock cave monster>Rock cave bully>Minotaur

?= forgot from my head/Unknown for myself
Credits: GTSoldier, bgold. rayquazah, and the whole community :D

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Class Overview and their Abilities

Many People ask always? What do I pick? So allow me to talk. After I’ve gotten all three classes to Tier 3 ( 25+) I’ve seen how they play.

The 3 Cards

Each class/role has an unique card and starts with others obviously these unique cards are
Vampire: Cursed Bones ( Grass Evolves to Skeleton Wizard. Very tactical as 50% decrease to attack of an opponent next turn).
Warrior: Wandering Swordsman( Fire evolves to Ghost Sword. Obviously heavy hitter not much to it) MOST OP starter and second best fire card. ( Must pick )
Crusader: Paladin ( Water Evolves to Holy Armor. Cleans no matter defeat or victory all Status effects: E.G Bleed and Poison and defends 45 damage if loses.

My personal starting out. Depending on which class you choose, certain spell cards have a higher rate/ go to you automatically.
Vampire- Dagger + Leather Shield. Puppet Master: Instead of the opponent picking the card they want, it automatically switches. Good if you both have all 3 different elements on the field Has Fierce Resistance: When defeated inflict 50 damage to opponent
Warrior- Combat Sword+ Dagger. Hand-to-Hand combat: Instead of having elements beat each other, Power decides who wins the match. Useful if you have a high attack power card with bonuses, or only 2 of the same element on the field from possibly whiteout or just in a pinch.
Crusader- Steel Shield+ Leather shield. Nullify Magic: As states makes opponents magic card if played unusable. This is hand if you have a heavy power deck and they have weak cards. Can nearly guarantee they will try to stop you with other spell cards.

Spell/Magic Cards Most of the basic ones
Cease Fire: Stops play of a fight. Ends in a Draw. Useful for when you have low level card/ weak element cards compared to opponent. Sometimes can be predicted in PvP so careful!
Fortune reverse(Reversal): Reverses the power of your opponents card with own. Useful for tricking the opponent and increasing the power of your own. Careful as can backfire, opponent could place item enhancements on the monster and still win.
Operation Odd/Even: The card in the fight, if odd or even wins. Useful if only you odds/evens or they do. Can make a 18 power card beat a 57 power card
Nirvana- increase a monster’s power up to 100. Example: A little tier 1 redling with 25 attack goes up to 100 attack power. This card goes last so if you select an item card like a sword, or crystal they will count before nirvana, meaning it is pointless.
Black Death- If your card wins the fight all of the opponents monster cards in his hand are destroyed ( OP ) :3 Tier 7

Item Cards
These are to pull the advantage, no one can stop these babies. These make or break it.
The AI will always have better items than you for awhile. They may not play well though, just don’t let it get to your head.
All Elements Weapon Attack boosters
They range from dagger to Greatsword and they work for all elements, no matter what. Always go up 4 or 8 damage
Dagger: 12 attack
Antique Dagger: 16 Attack
Classical Sword: 24 attack
Sharp Sword: 28 attack
arming sword: 32 attack
Great Sword: 46 attack

Range from Leather and beyond… If your unsure of losing or want a suicide tactic! These are your friends Follows swords chain
Wooden Shield: 12 defense
Leather: 16
……: 24
…: 28
Steel Shield: 32 Defense
……..: 46 Defense

Elemental Gems
Each elements has small, medium and large gems. These ONLY increase attack/power! Not defense
Small: 20 power boost
Medium: 34 power boost
Large: 50 Power boost!

What to buy+ Evolve with
Update 6/19 with the new patches of cards and how every different card adds a different amount of points or none base on tier its ineffective to really talk about this. I would use now tier 2 cards seeing as you’re guaranteed 1 point, but for the packs Bronze is still semi worth it, but i feel Silver>Bronze unless you want the starters like blue tribe sprite and such to gain cards like Ice Axe Champion or Redling for Lord of Hell. The best pack I feel will always be is Gold pack because in Platinum tier 8 cards are not available. Platinum you’ll only get 1 tier 7 meaning adamant golem reanimated warlord, ice axe champion and 2 tier 6 like spirit ruler lord of hell. I feel gold with its 1 tier 6 and 1/2 of the worth of the platinum is a better “box office” deal, in other words, more bang for your buck.

Evolution: This game involves using other cards to upgrade. Monsters give points based on tiers. There are 1-8 tiers obviously the lower tiers have a lower % chance to give a high point percentage and obviously as the monster gains evolutions they are worth more points and progress if sacrificed to a card. It’s quite random usually but certain times tiers wont give any points but only progress to evolution as seen with a tier 1 card. Use cards that the character is strong against. Example: Sacrifice water if you want to evolve Earth. Sacrifice Fire if you want to evolve Water

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Leveling reward system

Lvl 1 5 runes

Lvl 2 Fire spirit

Lvl 3 Gold, Dew of Dawn

Lvl 4 Gold, Grass Spirit

lvl 5 5 Runes

Lvl 6 2k gold Bonus

Lvl 7 Steel shield ( 32 Def)

Lvl 8 1k Gold, 3 runes

Lvl 9 Small firestone

Lvl 10 2k Gold 2 runes Ice spirit

Lvl 11 Small Waterstone

Lvl 12 3k gold

Lvl 13 Large Healing Potion

Lvl 14 2.5k gold 3 runes

Lvl 15 Redling master

LVl 16 3k gold

Lvl 17 Small hp pot?

Lvl 18 5 runes

Lvl 19 1.5k gold Medium Fire Stone

Lvl 20 Pan the Pharmacist

Lvl 21 5 runes medium water stone

Lvl 22 3.5k gold

lvl 23 antidote potion

Lvl 24 5 runes

Lvl 25 Swamp golem

Lvl 26 4k gold

lvl 27 Medium hp pot

Lvl 28 5 runes

Lvl 29 Confusion

Lvl 30 5k gold 5 runes Boulder Golem

Lvl 31 7k gold 3 runes

lvl 32 8.5k gold

Lvl 33 3 Runes

Lvl 34 10k gold

Lvl 35 3 runes

Lvl 36 12k gold

Lvl 37 3 runes

lvl 38 13k gold

Lvl 39 3 runes

Lvl 40 15k gold

Lvl 41 3 Runes

Lvl 42 15k gold

lvl 43 3 runes

lvl 44 19k gold

So Far gold pack is actually worth it… kind of. The tier 6 is the thing that counts

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any chance you can get the abilities and max power added?

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Originally posted by el_beno:

any chance you can get the abilities and max power added?

Ill do it in a little bit I wont be able to get all of them though >.< Sorry

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Originally posted by FrayingAway:
Originally posted by el_beno:

any chance you can get the abilities and max power added?

Ill do it in a little bit I wont be able to get all of them though >.< Sorry

I contradicted myself. Got it all done and some tips if needed!

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btw edge master evolves to -rozen master (min 59, max 65; 20 bleed damage for 2 turns)

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why is Gold pack worthless?

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Originally posted by kubapal:

why is Gold pack worthless?

After the recent updates i believe most tips said here are not valid anymore. The one regarding the packs is one of those…

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Originally posted by supersami:

btw edge master evolves to -rozen master (min 59, max 65; 20 bleed damage for 2 turns)

Thanks a lot

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Originally posted by ftks:
Originally posted by kubapal:

why is Gold pack worthless?

After the recent updates i believe most tips said here are not valid anymore. The one regarding the packs is one of those…

Mhmm I’ll get working on seeing how well the packs are.

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thx for the tips bro rly helped me.
had most of them already but hey i dont care xD still thx.

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Should check out the thread on the card wiki:

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OMG YUS ty, I hated that glitch in mountain golems movement, and more monsters, ty :D

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You got the part on evolution wrong, tested with tier one red card, i fed him one green t1 (gave 5 points) and one blue t1 (gave 3 points) so i’d say it’s safe to assume the sacrifice should be what the card you are upgrading is good against.

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blood knight from expert marksman max 85 steal 24 hp and like 48 damage.
Lava droplette> lava sprite > Lava spirit> Magma spirit
lvl 43 3 runes
lvl 45 3 runes

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Skeleton Wizard Max = 90

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added evolution trees for each color and listings by tier for all items and magic cards

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added individual pages for all 36 Earth cards (and some other cards as well, such as all final evolutions) detailing minimum power, maximum power, element, tier, lore, effects, pre-evolutions, evolutions and evolution cost, though some cards have had their evolution cost left as “? gold, ? runes” indicating I did not know the evolution cost at the time of creating the page. if any information is left as “?” and you know what is supposed to be there, please fill in the proper value or text.

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I found a few new cards while doing the dungeon:

Pan the Apothecary, Tier 7 (65 base power) Bandage +54 health on win and stops bleeding/Thorns +36 damage on wins for 5 turns on wins

Vampiric Axe Skeleton, Tier 3 (40 base power, has an upgrade) Lifetap Take 34 damage on loss/Drain Steals 23 health on win