[Battle Conquest] Update 27-4-2013 (locked)

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- We apologize for the problems you encountered yesterday with the CO-OPs and PvPs. We made several changes to the queue system for CO-OPs and PvPs and we believe that we fixed the bug which caused “Apocalypse” yesterday. It is also very possible that it affected the battle rooms as well, which is why at some point all the battles froze. Nevertheless, we believe it is fixed now and we conducted severe logging so IF it happens again, we will know exactly what went wrong.

- A typo in the datascripts in the Guild resources required for an upgrade has been corrected.

- A bug causing problems with the editing of the “Message of the Day” has been resolved.

- We made more changes to the Registration screen, because a lot of users complained that they couldnt complete the registration step. It should be bug free now.


- Due to popular demand, units will now auto pursuit when their target flees.

- The names of the users in the chat will now be colored according to the Faction they belong. Red for the Forces of Darkness and Turquoise for the Forces of Light.