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We welcome your feedback and suggestions, so please let us know if you have any thoughts for new units or improvements to gameplay!

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Land Expansion:
Make it gold. Maybe diamond price*1000(or 2000)= Gold Price

Quick unit select:
A small icon off a unit type on top of the unit select from Holding area which randomly pics one of this unit type, if it is in the holding area.

More detailed explanation for beginner
Many feel frustrated at the start, maybe change something there.

A short warning message for leaving a battlefield with own units on it
A warning when you leave a battlefield, which says that your units will stay there. I think a lot player dont get that the units dont return when they left it. This warning should be able to be disabled, because if you know this, you do it on purpose to check other areas or own base =).

A bigger building queue
At last 2 building/Upgrade queue would be nice, and maybe 4 for a diamond premium membership or so.

A mention that attacks can come from all sides
It would be helpfull in the starter tutorial if this would be mentioned somehow. Many new player just building their defense towards the right side.

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Hi marfagames,

Thanks for the suggestions and for playing DV8:Exile over the past few days.

We’ve talked through your ideas over the weekend and you’ll definitely be seeing some of these changes come into the game soon.

Thanks again!

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Terminals and other:
I think the terminals are producing a bit too much gold now. The increase for the lower levels is ok, maybe for higher upped production buildings let the increase in gain getting a bit less.

Also the Headquarters Gold gain could be a bit higher. Maybe for their upgrades.

For new Players, let them have one starting Camera in their Building at default. So they actually can play around with it. Many, many many new players have no def against stealthing units. I think they are thinking it’s not importand. But this only let them be easy targets for higher player. With just 1 Ninja you can practical raid anyone.

Some Units on Wasteland first region are not on Guard.

All retreat
A “All retreat” button for a attacker would be sweet. Which let’s all unit retreat to the portal area and retreat automatical. This is very helpfull for players who don’t have much time.

Auto res collect
For diamonds, like protectiv shield. 1h, 2h, 5h, 1day and so on. Automatical collects Res while online.

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Randomly small events would be nice. Like Help one of your ally member(when he is attacked). Or some randomly small AI enemies attacking your base.

Maybe a Tower with 100 stages or so, in which you can advance further and further with defined challanges, and a set value of speicific units you can use there. So you need to plan and use strategies.

Trees, rock, grass, sand
Tiles, if someone want’s to build a garden in their base =). Like me. Maybe the stuff you have already outside is buyable too.

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Field Medics auto heal in defense
In your base, if you set a Field Medic too Sentry Model “Full”, she should heal wounded unit’s in range automaticaly.

If possible a function like assigning patroul ways for unit’s would be nice. Like 3-4 way points, which they walk towards and back. The walking way for the unit’s would be “all energy except for one attack when full of energy”, so a conscript would walk 2 tiles towards his target area when he has full energy. Then he waits till he has 5 again.

Ranking for most killed commanders, most killed units, most infame would be nice. Also for killed units in defense (so you can see who has the toughest one).

Storage area construction
A maybe 2×2 Storage area construction which raise the cap of all res like maybe 5000 max gold and all other 100 max more. When this one get’s destroyed the “overflowed” ressources would be destroyed too.

time adjustment for training queue
Probably not doable, but still a suggestion. You can set on these 3 queue you have for unit training which type of unit should be trained there. Like only units under 1 day training time. Units under 5 day training time. With that players could hold open one space for faster to produce units. Also maybe increase the max queue for Unit training to 5 for a maybe diamond premium membership.

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A few Bugs

1. when I stationed some units on Ally ground, it first was ok. I hade units on 4 allys and all ally showed up in “In progess” tab. But now I only see there 1 ally at a time. Also it doesn’t shows me any of my stealthed units on enemy grounds. I have keep lost the track of my one assassin, and can’t find the map on where he is staying anymore.
The ninja is alive, i can see it over the shop. But heck, would be nice to get him back somehow XD.

2.After hitting lvl 23 and a refresh, i had suddenly only 19k max gold! It should be higher. Before I had over 2xxxx max gold. After a refresh It displayed 19.500/19.000 gold. which is also not possible.

But maybe both has nothing to do with the level. Maybe I triggered this bug somehow on another way. The stuff before it happened which i can remember was i drank some energy pot and while doing so retreated with the unit from a battlefield.

After 2 hour of “best match” i finaly was matched against the one where my ninja was staying. He could now return to his homeland :_).

After a lvl up the Gold is back to 25k. That should be fine. Still that was a wired bug. Also I have now 1002 Munitions with 1000 max.

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Suggestion: Boss music
Ok that will probably not happen. But then again this would bring in a quit nice little unique twist into the game. The highest infame player having a special area music (like the one from the frontpage), where when someone enters this map, he should know “this will be a epic battle”. Sound’s like a wish just maid for me huh :P, but then, that would be cool and no other games have something like that. Would truly be unique.

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My suggestion for the building/upgrading system is to change the Breach Bot unit into an engineer. That way you can use them to build one thing really fast or make multiple buildings/defenses at once, only slower.

I also think it would be neat if the Avatar actually had a high atk/def score and you could take him on missions if you wanted. If he died in combat, your troops all take a big hit on energy refresh timers due to morale loss from watching their badass leader bite the bullet.

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-The 1 AP that is lost after a unit transports should be revised. While it makes sense while retreating from enemy or an invaded base, it should not take affect when teleporting on friendly grounds or using the teleport matrix. It makes me want to sell every cheap “used” unit and just rebuy them, so they can start invading with full AP.

-There should be something like sentry mode when on offense, especially when 2 players are attacking each other on someone else’s base. It doesn’t have to be too intuitive of course, as micromanaging a bit should still be important. Options should be like the ones for sentry mode, such as full, alert, and none. It’s really nice to have this when both players are spawning units right next to each other and having to frantically click between placing more units down strategically and checking the APs of units to see if they can attack yet. Also helps when leaving units at a friendly area. It should probably turn off when the user becomes inactive in case of spawn camping. Now that I think of it, spawn camping sounds like it could be a problem.

-Snipers and ninjas are OP. Snipers can wreck most units and don’t really have to worry about anything, except turrets rarely, while at long range. A nerf to its unit attack would probably balance it. Ninjas only have to worry about cameras. They should unstealth for a while after attacking, either a timed cooldown to restore it or cost AP. Btw does anyone know if spies or ninjas in bases can act as a camera? If not, that’d be cool for the spy. Counter-espionage, if you will, heh.

-I support most of the above suggestions, especially for a better tutorial, starting camera, all retreat, field medics auto-healing, patrol, and multiple buildings/defenses at once. The tutorial could also extend after the base has been attacked and give the player something to encourage him to rebuild. Also something like one building/defense and one upgrade being constructed for each at a time. Or just 2 in general. Idk. You guys are the developers.

-I’m kinda against clan-specific bonuses and actively using the avatar. I’m afraid the bonuses would be too much of a balancing issue. I’m actually only against using the avatar because I’m afraid it could just be left somewhere on another base and be hidden. Although the idea of making the avatar unique by customizing him with skills and equipment would be really cool actually… You can just make some new item or the control center the new thing that needs to be protected instead of the avatar. That’s a pretty drastic change though haha!

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Also I think Snipers and Ninjas are just fine.

Snipers sure are usefull, but as usefull they are as vunurable they are too. Currently we dont have not so many active players and most know each other and don’t attack each other. So later when there will be much more players. It is actually dangerous to use the snipers. Because often others could see the attack and just kill them easily. So snipers indead arn’t that dangerous then, while currently they are one of the strongest. It will definitly shift.

Ninjas arn’t OP at all too. It’s just most players don’t build cameras or building them on easy to destroy places. It’s not the Ninja who is OP, it’s the player who need to think a bit more XD. Sound’s a bit mean but maybe it could be helped with a small hint, or describet in the tutorial. If the camera is down, then Ninjas rule the base. So Cameras need to be placed in a more save spot to hold the ninjas out.

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Hi marfa, psychoboof, and acemaster.

Thanks for your ideas and comments and for playing the game.

We’ve sorted out the lvl 23 issue and are looking into the others you’ve mentioned.

There are some great suggestions here… definitely expect to see a few of these ideas implemented over the next few weeks.

… and please keep them coming – ideas and discussion on gameplay, unit strengths etc. really helps us to make the game more playable.

Thanks again.

SlidingPixel Devs

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Cancel able training’s queue
A more simple solution to the problem with the training queue. It’s more of a pain for the player to have their fast unit’s produced behind a lot of units which needs 1 day or more. So maybe let them cancel out unit’s (no gold maybe). So they can get their fast units to be produced, and didn’t need to wait for weeks to do a conscript XD.

More ambient/detail stuff
It’s probably for when most of the game is done. Then people want to have a beautyfull base =). more shelves, beds for lazaret stuff like these =), a wall tile with a pin up poster on it.

Repair all
A button to Repair everything. Like when it ask you to repair all.

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It would be nice to maybe send a player a GIFT. In form like Investing gold into them maybe for a unit, or faster construction (just a bit speed up) or other stuff. Gold would be nice, because you dont need it much, and i would like to support new player or player i attacked.

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That is something probably a few suggested. I would say when you are attacking the first unit gets assigned to 1, the second spawned unit gets 2 and so on. Till maybe 9. It is hard to manage over 6-7 units at all, with that players probably can manage a bit more.

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Something like a timeline menu that tells the player what is gained upon each level up would be nice. I think it’ll also be an incentive to level up once you know what you want to go for. I guess I’m just advocating for more information in general on how the game works.

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I would really love a way to reload ammo in base and to organize my units in base. I don’t want to have to teleport my unit in to base, manually reload, and then teleport them out of base. It’s just a little counter-intuitive. And as for unit organization, if I’m in a heated fight with someone else who is online I hate having to scroll through pages because I’m not a hundred percent certain where a unit is.

I also agree with Acemaster about not losing that 1 AP after unit transport.

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Idea from lokipaly.“I really like this game, i think it would be better if it had a campain of sort where you could play against npc bases”. I think this is a very good idea, for people to do stuff next to maybe fighting other player. So they have a “story” in it too a bit. Which is allways nice, more to do is allways good. Also the Ideas for Campaign fights and bases, you could take from player bases! Many players have some sweet setups and you could just take them for the campaign too =). Looking which are good and all and refine them a bit, would save also time.

Maybe some Titel, connected to the quests. Like “Slayer of 100”(Kill 100 commander), “Conscript master” (kill 1000 conscripts) and so on.

Really that game has a good base for a fine rts. You can do much, and with a PVE story line it will be even more. You can enjoy what you like to do in this kind of game which makes it a bit more unique too next to other games. For me, I like to actually aim for Commander Heads on the shortest route with the smallest amount of army and lessed destruction. Also I like to ambush other player who are attacking player. I practical only do these too, because I enjoy it. But then you can also have mass fights on player base, hard challange to clean a whole base, duels on the frontier with set rules, 2v2 3v3 and so on, you can just defend, you can help out ally member, or do co-op attacks on other player. There is so much freedom in it =).

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A confirmation for diamond healing
Like “you want to use diamonds to heal”. Because i actually accidently used it now 2 times… or 3 dunno. For 1 HP =/ 1 diamond. I am sure I am not the only one.

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Maybe a bug
Munition doesn’t raise any further after it reached 1000. Intended or not?

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Should there be a bugs thread? I thought there was one at first, but it turns out to be troubleshooting. Anyways my question is on why femborg has an accuracy of 65 on aim at a range of 7, when the weapon info has it listed as 60 at a range of 7. Also the clone marine has an accuracy of 84 on aim at a range of 8, when the weapon info has it listed as 80 at a range of 8. Idk if that’s a bug or a typo.

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is there any use for infamy other than bragging rights? If not I suggest occasional npc attacks by the law enforcers guys I saw on the wastelands Westly depot map. They could start off in small groups with the weaker guys until you have a lot of infamy then they start sending in the heavier units or in larger groups. Also right now we can just attack each other with no real way to farm resources and no limitation for those higher lvl players to constantly attack and harass the weaker players over and over again. Maybe a cap on teleports that recharges every couple of minutes

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Hi all,

Thanks for the continued input and suggestions.

Marfa – munitions sticks at 1000 (plan is to have attackable ammo Silos in the future). Understand what you’re saying about diamond heals…

Kyle – sorting out the Transporter to make it easier to navigate is high up the priority list for us.

AceMaster – that’s definitely a bug. Good spot – there should be a fix over soon to resolve it.

FallenAngelZERO – Higher level players can only see players up to 50% of the level (e.g. level 20s can see level 10 and above… unless a lower level player has attacked them first).

FallenAngelZERO and Marfa – We are planning on having ‘Moderator/Enforcer’ attacks and Campaign mode with various battle situations – just working on the AI at the moment!

Thanks again for the feedback!
SlidingPixel Devs

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then how exactly did marfa and R-N both attack me. me: lvl 8 marfa: lvl 31 and R-N: lvl 20. is this a glitch or has the 50% lvl thing not been implemented yet?

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Yoh Fallen, I actually defended you i belive :P I am not sure because of the name again XD.

There are a few exceptions towards the “enter battlefield”

First If there is a battle going on in a lower level base, i can join in too over “Best match”. This is actually quit good, I helped a lot through it to defend their base.

Also through “Best match” I can get to bases from player who are online. So then this is only possible if he is online too and he can defend active. Which shouldn’t be a problem because even lower level player are as strong as higher. The lowest time to produce units are the one which are the importand anyway.

Then over “Most wanted” I can see the 25 most infamous people, so these I can attack too, or defend. Most of the time currently Defend If i see a attack.

If these 3 options wouldn’t work like now, I practical could do … nothing in this game xD so i am happy to have at last a bit to do. High level currently is more a curse then something good. And if this wouldn’t be beta i would make some low level accs just for the fun of challanging low level bases.