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user made unit data base if you want to see all the units and what they do http://highgrounds.vehibase.com/

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Arrow: Wounds up to # of opponent’s BACK ROW units, starting across.
AtkSquire: +# to Attack for the unit in front of it, or 2x that if the unit is a Knight.
Attack: Generates # attack power for their army.
BarbBerserk: This unit gains +1 attack for each other Barbarian on the owner’s FRONT ROW.
BarbKing: +# Attack power to Barbarians who attack this turn.
Bolt: Generates attack equal to #x the total units on the opponent’s FRONT ROW. Cannot be blocked.
Burnout: Wound this unit if it generates # or more attack.
Crystal: Produces # Crystal for the army.
Deathbolt: Attack equal to the total other wounded units on owner’s FRONT ROW multiplied by the total units on enemy FRONT ROW.
Defense: Blocks # attack or wound attempts that target this unit.
Dogpack: Generates # Attack, plus # for each unwounded ADJACENT Dog or Soldier in FRONT ROW.
Dormant: This unit starts wounded when hired.
DuoRaeus: If Rainer and Raeus are both in the army, they gain +# attack power.
DuoRainer: If Rainer and Raeus are both in the army, they gain +# attack power.
DuoTydus: Produces # Gold if Tydus is in the army.
FarmerKing: All Farmer units producing resources this turn produce +# more.
Fireball: Wounds up to # units in a line across from this unit (FRONT ROW first, then BACK ROW).
Foxpack: Generates # Attack, plus # for each unwounded ADJACENT Fox or Thief in FRONT ROW.
Frail: This unit is removed from the army when wounded in the FRONT or BACK ROW.
Gold: Produces # Gold for the army.
GolemShield: Makes all Golems in the army immune to wound.
GolemSurge: Generates # Attack per Golem on owner’s FRONT ROW.
Healing: Heals up to # wounded units. BACK ROW heals first, then FRONT.
Honor: +# Attack power if an unwounded opponent is across from this unit.
KnightKing: +# Attack power to Knights who attack this turn.
Knockout: Removes up to # of opponent’s FRONT ROW units from the army if they are wounded, starting across.
Paladin: At battle start, heals up to # wounded units. FRONT ROW heals first, then BACK.
Protect: +# to Defense for the unit in front of this unit, if that unit has Defense.
Rampage: +# Attack, or 2x that if no opponent is across.
Recruit: Adds # to the number of units for hire next turn.
Renegade: Disbanding this unit gives no resources.
Revenge: Generates # Attack for each other wounded unit on owner’s FRONT ROW.
SkelKing: +# Attack and +# Defense to Skeletons with these abilities.
Spearhead: Generates # attack for each unit on owner’s BACK ROW.
Spirit Lord: Generates # attack for every Spirit on owner’s FRONT ROW.
Steal: Resources from enemy units in both rows across from this unit are given to its owner instead.
Taskmaster: All Harvester units producing resources this turn produce +# more.
TotemFarm: Generates # Crystal for each Totem in the army.
Toxic: # Attack when this unit is wounded on the FRONT ROW by a unit on the FRONT ROW.
Transform: Unit is removed from the army and replaced by the next unit in the deck costing # or less resources.
Windfall (Gernt, Morgart, Syl): Disbanding this unit produces # Gold.
Windfall (Atrophus, Zender): Disbanding this unit produces # Crystal.
Windfall (Kren): Disbanding this unit produces # Wood.
Wolfpack: Generates # Attack, plus # for each unwounded ADJACENT Wolf or Hunter in FRONT ROW.
Wood: Produces # Wood for the army.
Wound: Starting across, wounds up to # of the opponent’s FRONT ROW units.
Zealot: This unit gains # Attack for each Wizard on owner’s BACK ROW.