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outdated strategy, the improved strategy is very similar but it has some improvements and is better written, it is the 4th post in this thread

Hello reader, so far there is one challenge in this game that noone have succesfully beaten.

also fair warning: wall of text incoming.

I am talking about the Behemoth Sentinel, the boss of the sentinel dungeon.

First, just so people that haven’t faced him yet know precisely what kind of monster we are talking about:

His deck is made up of the following cards (I’ll only write up the the power and effects that happen on loss, I’ll ignore the possibility of any card of his ever winning):

Holy Sacrifice (Behemoth has 2 copies):
reduce both monsters power by 50%
Hand-to-Hand Combat (Behemoth has 2 copies):
ignore elements in this battle
Greatsword (behemoth has 2 copies):
+46 power

Red cards:
Armored Flare (behemoth has 3 copies):
189 power
block 64 damage on loss
Magma Essence:
82 power
Blue cards:
Icy Doom Axe Wielder (Behemoth has 2 copies):
130 power
Blizzard Flurry:
122 power
block 50 damage on loss
Lagoon Spirit:
99 power
block 75 damage on loss by same element
Green cards:
Kuji Kirin:
172 power
Reanimated Champion:
168 power
take 105 damage on loss
Ascendant golem (Behemoth has 2 copies):
123 power
block 75 damage on loss

oh, and Behemoth has 3000 health.

first, lets make a thought experiment:
lets say you face a dummy player, one who always loses by element and never uses any cards with effects nor does he use any tactic cards.
how much damage can be done to such a player in a full match?

note that 1 full match is 11 turns, each side has 12 monsters and when a player can no longer send out 2 monsters the game ends, so 1 monster ends up being unused when the game ends, therefore, 11 turns.

well, I’ve worked on it and I came up with the following match which I am fairly certain is the very limit of how much damage can possibly be done (it is theoretically possible to deal more damage, but that requires the opponents cooperation):

Turn 1: Frozen Edge Master, 105 damage dealt, apply 32 bleed for 3 turns, 32 bleed damage
Turn 2: Frozen Edge Master, 105 damage dealt, apply 32 bleed for 3 turns, 64 bleed damage
Turn 3: Rending Zombie, 103 damage dealt, 48 health drained, bleed effects duration increased by 3 turns, 64 bleed damage
Turn 4: Frozen Edge Master, 105 damage dealt, apply 32 bleed for 3 turns, 96 bleed damage
Turn 5: Frozen Edge Master, 105 damage dealt, apply 32 bleed for 3 turns, 128 bleed damage
Turn 6: Rending Zombie, 103 damage dealt, 48 health drained, bleed effects duration increased by 3 turns, 128 bleed damage
Turn 7: Rending Zombie, 103 damage dealt, 48 health drained, bleed effects duration increased by 3 turns, 128 bleed damage
Turn 8: Lava Essence beats green creature, 71+104+104=279 damage, 128 bleed damage
Turn 9: Lava Essence beats green creature, 71+104+104=279 damage, 128 bleed damage, 2 elemental darts deal 170 damage
Turn 10: Lava Essence beats green creature, 71+104+104=279 damage, 128 bleed damage, 2 elemental darts deal 170 damage
Turn 11: Lava Essence beats green creature, 71+104+104=279 damage, 128 bleed damage, 2 elemental darts deal 170 damage

the total damage having been dealt by each turn then looks like so:
1: 137
2: 306
3: 521
4: 722
5: 955
6: 1234
7: 1513
8: 1920
9: 2497
10: 3074
11: 3651

so look at that! we can deal a humongus 3651 damage! thats plenty enough to kill the behemoth right?
well, yes, but its not that simple. the deck required to do this have a 0% chance of succeeding against the behemoth, but with slight modifications it could work, which leads to the question: how large modifications are we allowed to do to still be able to kill the thing?
so if it is possible to deal 3651 damage, how much damage do we need to do? well to win we need to have more health than him at end of game, which means he needs to go below 500 health if we are level 50, lets say we are.
so we need to deal a minimum of 2501 damage, that leaves 3651-2501=1150 of leeway for imperfections in our play, but then theres the fact that several of the behemoths cards have shield effects, it would seem very likely that all 6 of those cards would be played and therefore effective.

75 * 3 (ascendant golems, lagoon spirit)
64 * 3 (armored flares)
50 (blizzard flurries)
sum: 467

ouch, that means we have to blast through 467 points of shields as well, so our leeway shrinks to 1150-467=732

but all is not doom and gloom, he also has reanimated champion which deals 105 damage to him when it dies, so our leeway grows to 732+105=837

and then theres the holy sacrifices, since worst case scenario is when it hits 2 different frozen edge masters and it is very likely to do exactly that, we will assume that it does.
reducing a frozen edge masters power by half brings it from 105 to 52, which is a decrease of 53, that twice makes a decrease of 53*2=106, so our leeway shrinks to 837-106=731
which means we will deal 731 overkill damage with this setup, but unfortunately there is 1 problem that I mentioned earlier but waited with for now.
the deck required to do that would be unable to beat the behemoth because it doesnt have good enough cards.
for example, at at least 2 points would a frozen edge master and/or a rending zombie fight a blizzard flurry or a icy doom axe wielder and win. but that cannot be done with this deck.
there would also be points in time when the behemoth plays hand-to-hands, and this deck would have no defence against that.
conclusion: we cannot use our tactic cards for damage the way we do.
which means we lose 510 damage, so our leeway is now a tiny 731-510=221 damage.

thats how far away from perfect we are allowed to be to be able to beat the behemoth. 221 damage.

admittedly, it is very possible to change tactics to something that still deals additional damage, but less than elemental darts, and indeed I would recommend a couple reversals, but the behemoths greatswords easily counter your reversals so make sure to never use reversals when behemoth has an item in hand.
point is, it is not necessarily very reliable damage, so we are now entering the realm of speculation, and I speculate that the alternative tactic cards will probably give enough damage to make a total leeway big enough to allow 1 mistaken battle.

effectively that means the first 3 turns must absolutely be perfect. because those first 3 turns are crucial for dealing the massive bleed damage.
it is allowed to make 1 mistake after turn 3. and when I say mistake I don’t mean lose a battle, I mean win a battle with the wrong card. depending on what the situation is and what cards you have left that might still be a salvageable error.
but even at level 50 with the perfect cards for the job, 1 mistake after turn 3 is all that is allowed.

can someone else find a better way to beat the behemoth? I would like to know.

good luck.

edit added after having beaten behemoth:
advanced instructions for those that want to try killing him:

there are 3 phases of the match, phase 1 is turn 1-3, here you must get to play these cards in this order:
frozen edge master
frozen edge master
rending zombie

failing to do the proper order in phase 1 will almost guaranteed mean you won’t be able to deal enough damage to bring him below 500 health. no matter what tactic cards you need to use to be able to get this exact combo, do it!

phase 2 is turn 4-6, in it you are to do the same thing as in phase 1:
frozen edge master
frozen edge master
rending zombie

the difference between phase 1 and 2 are that in phase 2 you are allowed some imperfection in the play, any of these combinations will be fine for phase 2:

frozen edge master
lava essence
rending zombie

lava essence
frozen edge master
rending zombie

frozen edge master
rending zombie
frozen egde master

frozen edge master
rending zombie
lava essence

so basically, you must play a rending zombie, and it can be either in middle or last, but you must play at least 1 frozen edge first

phase 3 is turn 7-11, its pretty lax, as long as you don’t lose any fights then any combination of the remaining cards will probably be good enough to win, just make sure to play the remaining rending zombie on turn 9 at the latest (2 charges of bleed run out of duration on turn 9, and the other 2 charges of bleed run out on turn 10, so playing the rending zombie on turn 11 means you lose out on 192 damage, so make sure to extend the duration of that there bleed!)

towards the final turns, remember that if everything is done right, then the 12th monster (the one you never get to play) should be a frozen edge master, the one the behemoth never gets to play should be the lagoon spirit, and yes, it will predictably be exactly the lagoon spirit, since the AI will choose not to play it because of its low power (unless he at some point plays lagoon spirit+magma essence, then you have to use a puppet master to make him fight with magma essence). we have 5 frozen edge masters in the setup even though we only need 4 to make it more probable to get the frozen edge masters you need in phase 1 and 2, the last one should not be played.

if you get a fight that follows the template laid out here, then you should win. note that there are a lot of random factors, so I would say even with a perfect deck and perfect knowledge of how to play, you will probably still only win in 1 out of 15 attempts at best. (the 14 out of 15 situations that cause losses would be where behemoth plays cards that make it impossible for you to follow the template, such as if he plays 2 earth monsters on turn 1-3, that would make it impossible. literally)

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sk5bns got him first (both of us used the exact same strategy, he used a slightly different, but worse deck because he didnt have all the cards for a perfect deck), but I finally got the literal perfect fight! I can claim the silver medal with a bonus flair for perfection! maybe, just maybe it is possible to get more damage dealt by being insanely lucky with reversals, but here is a screenshot:

heres the deck I used:

tactic cards:
reversal x5
puppet master

monster cards:
frozen edge master (105 power) x5
rending zombie (103 power) x3
lava essence (71 power) x4

picture of winning deck

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i won him.

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I may not have been first to beat behemoth, but I was first to get him to 0 health! I can say I was first to “kill” behemoth :D


heres the modifications related to behemoth for how to fight him based on your goal:

the monster list is still:
5 frozen edge masters
(acquire from packs, chests or evolving)
3 rending zombies
(acquire from chest in sentinel dungeon, elite version of enraged zombie, pay 60k gold to the troll to bypass boss and get to chest)
4 lava essences
(acquire lava droplette from “spiral” chest in expedition dungeon or by finishing the long sidequest starting in map 3 and going back to map 1, evolve lava droplette, the chest is in map G of the map in this thread http://www.kongregate.com/forums/286-elemental-power/topics/353406-dungeon-spelunking-spoiler)
the following tactics are mentioned at some point in this guide:
reversal (tier 5, acquire from gold or platinum packs, gold gives better money-to-tier-5-card ratio)
puppet master (tier 5, acquire from gold or platinum packs, gold gives better money-to-tier-5-card ratio)
potent waterstone (tier 6, acquire from gold or platinum packs, gold is preferable since you can split up your purchases in more chunks, also it has better chance of giving other tactic cards you might need)

if you want to just win against him, then the most consistent strategy is actually to use 6 reversals and have all blue cards be left at 98 power, this will win in about 1 in 10 attempts. the reason why its so consistent is because there are very few types of cards, which is why the puppet master from the standard setup is replaced by a reversal, the only real rule to keep track of is always play a blue and a red card on the table, try to always use the blue if possible (unless if you have only 1 blue left in your deck, you should never have to use that), and make sure to play a rending zombie (or a bloodthirsty axe as a substitute) on turn 3 and 6, the third rending monster can be on turn 7, 8 or 9, either one works just as well as the others.

in this deck, we use monsters with 98 power because 98 power is less than the lagoon spirits 99 power, the reason why this is good is because we want him to play as few green monsters as possible, and if he plays a lagoon spirit and a green monster when your blue card is more powerful than his lagoon spirit, then he will pick the green card. so we limit our power to 98 to force him to use the lagoon spirit in those situations instead, which can be beaten with a reversal, thereby increasing the consistency of the strategy.
in this type of deck we are aiming to make his final card be magma essence.

what kills this deck is if behemoth plays 2 green cards (or a green card and magma essence) on any of the crucial turns 3 and 6 (the turns when you need to extend bleed duration), or if behemoth plays 2 green cards (or a green and magma essence) twice in the same game before turn 6.
it also has a tough time if behemoth plays a greatsword together with any of his blue cards, if that happens you can still win but the game has to go almost perfectly for the rest of the game.

the reversals are to be used in these situations:
when he has a water card in play.
when he plays hand-to-hand.
if he has no more water cards or hand-to-hand combats in his deck, then you may use reversals however you wish.

here are guidelines for how behemoth will pick what cards to fight with in this setup:
pretend that armored flares (the ones with 189 power) are water cards.
pretend that magma essence is an earth card.
1. if he plays a hand-to-hand combat, he will pick the monster with higher power, you should pick water with a reversal.
2. if the above doesn’t apply to the sitauation, if he has a water card to play, he plays the water with highest power (remember armored flares are water cards for the purposes of this calculation). but he will prefer to play a real water card over armored flare.
3. if none of the above apply to the situation, he will play the earth card with highest power.

the problem with this strategy is that it is almost impossible to get behemoth to 0 health with it.

but if you want to kill behemoth, then its a lot more complicated.

first of all the turn order has to be exact, any misstep means you restart, and that means its much, much less consistent than the above strategy.
second your monsters will have full power, having gimped monsters make you lose 43 damage, and that might easily be the difference between a kill and a win.
furthermore, we wont try to get magma essence be his last monster, instead we will try to get lagoon spirit be his last monster, because that means he has 75 less shield we need to break through, and since we are trying to have him avoid using lagoon essence, its a good thing that our monsters are not gimped to below lagoon essence power.
but we still don’t have enough power, so we replace 3 reversals with potent waterstones.
the problem we now face is that he will never use magma essence. period. he doesn’t use magma essence. so we replace 1 more reversal with a puppet master for the express purpose of getting at the magma essence.

so our deck looks like:
standard monsters (non-gimped power)

1 puppet master
2 reversals
3 potent water stones

and here are the guidelines:

for the first 6 turns use the following cards in this exact order, show a lava essence if possible but don’t play it:
1. frozen edge master
2. frozen edge master
3. rending zombie
4. frozen edge master
5. frozen edge master
6. rending zombie

for the next 3 turns the following cards are to be fought with in any order, but continue showing 1 lava essence and 1 water cards in every round, even if there is one of them that you don’t plan on playing, its important to show a water and a fire for the purposes of AI-manipulation that allows this strategy to work. failing to do the AI-manipulation will cause the strategy to fail.
rending zombie
lava essence
lava essence

now its just 2 turn left of the game and if you have gotten this far without doing anything wrong then you should not be able to fail, show a frozen edge master and a lava essence each turn and play the lava essence.

thats how to use the monster cards (and note, if you dont get the cards you need in hand when you need them, its a restart)

the tactics are to be used like this:

potent water stones: use to fight his water cards. never use more then one in one turn. can be used for damage if behemoth has no more water cards.
reversals: use when he plays armored flares with hand-to-hand combat, or use reversals to win against behemoths water cards when you dont have a potent waterstone in hand, though doing this is risky. or, if behemoth has no more water cards and no more hand-to-hands, go ahead and use them for the purpose of dealing more damage.
puppet master: has to be played when he shows a magma essence. any other usage is unacceptable and will cause you to lose in 99% of the cases where you would win if you didn’t.

now, even if you follow these rules, it is still possible to fail. you will fail if behemoth does any of these before turn 7:
shows 2 green cards
shows a green card and lagoon spirit
shows a green card and a magma essence when you don’t have a puppet master in hand.

for the record, one of the above will happen in about 87% of the attempts. luckily that means in about 13% of the cases you will not lose this way.

you will also fail if behemoth shows 2 green cards (or a green card and lagoon spirit) on all of the turns 7, 8 and 9, though this is uncommon (20% chance)(since we only get this far in 13% of the cases, combined with the previous figure of 87% fails before turn 7, means a 89.6% chance of failing due to opponent playing wrong monsters, if there was a way to estimate the success rate of correct card-draws from our side and correct tactic-draws from each side, then we would be able to estimate the success-rate of the strategy, but for now all we can say is it is probably somewhere between 90-97% fails due to bad luck).
you will also fail if you lose any fight at any point in the game. (which can be unavoidable in many situations)
you will also fail if your reversals do not give you at least a total of 60 power. any excess of 60 will be overkill-damage on behemoth.

Sincerely, Good luck
// Robin001

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Could you Exchange frozen edge master for drudic wearwolf?
Tier 8 elite bloddy wearwolf
Bought in revolving shop
It has:
95-114 Power
47 bleeding for 3 turns
heals 28 for 5 turns

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Or Bloody ice axe?
Tier 8 elite Icy doom axe weilder
It has:
106-123 Power
35 bleeding for 4 turns
ignores defence when opponents Power is below 126

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What does one get from the chest that he is guarding?

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Do you get any reward for defeating him or you just save 60k gold ?