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We are Cult of WAR!

Hello, we are an alliance with roots in Backyard monsters, but we have moved on to Galaxy Life. we are a friendly bunch on the whole, but the main reason we are here is to put up a good fight. So if you want more action in your game, and you want to join a group of experienced friends to help you improve, feel free to apply (application details below)

Hall of History:

Estab. march 15, 2013
TDK old thread
Final TDK thread
TF's first thread
TF's most wanton thread
C.o.W's original thread

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1. Don’t attack other members or members of allied alliances unless you are testing their bases. Breaking this rule is punishable by having your hands chopped off being demoted and/or kicked.

2. Notify us when you level up so we can keep our members list information up to date.

3. You have to be active! all non-active members will be placed on the retired members list.

4. No ninja’ing of targets. We work together as a team. If this ever happens, apologise, and if possible, help the person regain their lost warpoints.
5. We use a warpoints reduction tactic. For full details, contact one of our captains, but your base is not allowed to be fully maxed.


eXorsus Gaming [eXo] (We are twinned with the eXorsus Gaming alliance lead by Spyder. check out their kick-ass alliance by clicking the name.)


You not listed as an enemy or an ally? In that case you fit right here!


The Tartarus Revival (surendered)
Legend of a Star (spamtrash alliance, that has a cheating leader)


( Just a bunch of players that doesnt like us much =P )
Filnx: Trash-talking coward
g4295: Took a few OPs from Wave_Rida, then jumped away. Requested to be put on the hitlist.
dibble1: For pretending to be in TDK and declaring war in our name.
ARandomboss/riotmaster/aaronGtheSEXY1: Lied to us about who he is
chocogamer: Talked trash on our forums, got flattened by us, then recycled.
Blackknight24: Random swearing at members.

frone’s neverending list of alts

Very simply, alts that belong to this person. Often used to boulder bases, spam the forums, insult members, or try to apply for an alliance.
sun_lee, kingofgl, notkingofgl, nebul, xanderser, fronebular, the blackknightFE, Goontra(1167×1075), Agontro, Allerin.

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  • Must have decent base for SB level ( if not, there will be given the chance to improve)

  • Must fill out application form below

  • Must have alliance option ( level 15 or higher)

  • Your personality will be taken along in the judgement of your application.

  • Please note, that we cannot reallly accept any members anymore. We can do it, but it would result in you being leveld constantly, as our wars are aimed to please most of our members. Our suggestion is level 100 or higher, but you can always try.

  • Every application is unique, and will be thoughtfully dealt with. Accept your judgement, improve and you might get in. Start raging, you won’t get in for life.

  • Any old member from TDK is allowed to join under most circumstances. Along with members from other BYM alliances, depending in which context, there will be made exclusions

    How to join

    Fill out this:
    Level (For reference): __
    Pic of base: __ (if you do not know how to post a picture, here is:How to post a picture )
    Your Daily activity ( Average time spent in hours per day):
    The amount of experience your base gives away:

    Alliance history (Or other usefull info you might have): __


    Our system is based on ranks. Everybody has a rank and powers. Higher rank means more powers.


    Co-lead account by the captains, called Cult of WAR. This to prevent problems with promoting etc, in the case of the general going afk or on holiday.





    Retired/Inactive Members


    Captain of Honour


    Retired/Inactive VIPs


    Waiting List:

    For those of us who don’t have a good enough base or level, but still want in.
    Must post at least once a week.
    None at this moment

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    General Information

    We expect every member to know that
    We have a chat!

    Besides from this, we have several usefull links:

    the how to post ask friends link guide.

    the how to post ideas guide.

    the how to create a succesful alliance.

    lastly the bym rollcall thread

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    • We have fought our war to our 100th victory in a row! With thanks to all that participated, but a special spot will be reserved for JohannSchinder, our topscorer, in the Hall of Fame.

    • Wave resigns as captain.

    • We welcome our new captains: woohoo92, Mtgtnt and Cooper

    • We have a new captain: Welcome Cris98

    • Newest Members

      skywalker111 (welcome back, Golco)
      JKlancer (welcome back, JK)
      javier007 (welcome, Ajar)

      Hall of the Fritos and Spartans (level 300 or higher)

      skywalker111 (no pic of him being lvl 300 available because he was already a frito when he joined)

      Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

      Hall of Fame

      JohannSchinder, Our topscorer in our 100th war, and a passionate (hard)core member.

      placeholder for the many defeated alliances to come.

      The first 10 to have been defeated:
      1. Starlinatorler (K.O.)
      2. scotland the brave (K.O.)
      3. bollenkensteam (K.O.)
      4. THE WAR HAMMER (K.O.)
      5. intouchables (K.O)
      6. xXx (K.O.)
      7. skyliine ( no KO, their leader was hacking and autorefreshing, but we managed to beat them)
      8. bollenkensteam (K.O.)
      9. Halo ihr (K.O.)
      10. frugosky

      Total amount of wars won: 233

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    An awesome achievement managed =)

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by 

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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    an owed explanation-post with a message to future members

    Firstly, I have demoted myself to private. There is no more use to a barely-active captain than there is to a gold-plated ferrari without wheels. This means there will be an open spot amongst the captains. Therefore, I am going to have a long talk with the person I believe would replace me perfectly. I hope this will lead to a great captain, but the choice to promote, will rest in the hands of the 5 other captains.

    Seccondly, there is something I feel that should be left here, as a note for the future captains and/or members: Hello and welcome to Cult of WAR, at this time of posting, undefeated. Yes, becoming the number one undefeated alliance is one of our goals, but it was never our idea and motivation behind it when we (spiff, johann and I) decided to make this alliance. The intension was to make a band of friends, that play this game together and had fun, no matter how good or bad we were at the game. Very unexpected, we have been able to acomplish both. We are one of the top alliances on kongregate, and we have a great bunch of lads and ladies in our alliance. But that doesn’t mean that our focus should change. I hope, that when I look back in 6-20 years, that C.o.W. is still what we set out for it to be: A peaceful band of friends, maybe even to be called an “online family”. Our power might be an active johann, andy and a totally, but foremostly, our warm and welcoming chatzy. Even if C.o.W. is ever to lose, to cheaters, hackers or just round out better players, lets move on and keep on enjoying being a part of this alliance. After all, it’s just a game.

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    Beware of C.o.W.

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    Not really a placeholder now that stuff is here.

    I set up a colony to make really cheap units for the friend bunker. PM me if you need fb filling. Preferences are on first-come, first serve and being in CoW, eXo, or other friendly alliances. If I get more than 10 PMs in a day, none of you will get your bunker filled. =P

    As we know, a new thread doesn’t change the do’s and do not’s. We should all know how the forum works, what belongs on this thread, and what to do if something doesn’t.

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    The Divine Golems request allies? Also, congrats on passing Enders!

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    woohoo , our shared general have the starting posts now so some of the captains can edit the thread ,
    so now it isnt only wave that can do it =)

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    New thread, a shift in power, and the same ’ol grudges. You should jazz up the avatar a bit to make the OPs more impressive looking.

    Please teLl me whAt this is for. ClEarly i don’t know HOw we’re using it or why we Left the old one. wave_riDa? you know what’s the Eventual outcome of this? i Really don’t know.

    Why not simply type the words “place” and “holder”? It seems like a lot of effort for no apparent benefit.


    Locking this one too? Indecision is its own devil ya know.

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    I’m finally lvl 300. :) http://i.imgur.com/Wlie69z.png

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    Congratz to our 10th frito – Cris!

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    Gratz cris =)

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    Gratz Cris, welcome to the club of fritos :)

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    Grats Cris :)

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    Originally posted by SPIFF1:

    And a placeholder for me too .

    Pff TBL ninjad me with his placeholder , RAGE =P

    Since Wave requested for me to delete it, you have the first placeholder. :)
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    hehe thx TLB =)

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    Originally posted by SPIFF1:

    hehe thx TLB =)

    Thank wave. :P
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    And another alliance statistics update :

    Keep up the good work everyone =)

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    Placeholder! oh…..am i abit late?

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    Cow lol

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    Originally posted by BassChu:

    Cow lol

    Watch yourslef, there are pretty large steaks involved in insulting their alliance’s name.