[Clash of Olympus] New Exchange Rate (locked)

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Dear Player,
Our operators will change the charging mode of COO after September 4th. As a result, the exchange rate in recharge will be changed accordingly: 1Dollar=10 Gold. Thank you for your indomitable and unwavering support of the game!
And players can get some returned gold by contacting CS at that time, the rules are listed below:
The players can contact CS on our forum to get the gold (worth 30% of the total recharge of his/her character in that server).

Character B of Player A boasts 1000 Gold total recharge in S1, then character B can get 300 Gold
Character C of Player A boasts 2000 Gold total recharge in S2, then character C can get 600 Gold

The amount of total recharge will be counted at 00:00 September 5th,2013