[Citizen Grim] Weapon List LVL40+

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Currently saving my precious Gold at all cost, i would like to know if anyone could post here the 40+ weapons and mercs available.

That would be fine for me.

Contributing also, i can also post my own sheet with dps calc from 1 to 35.
If anyone interested in…

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post the dps sheet plz!!

thank you!!

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Any sort of list(s) with the cost of weapons/mercs would be welcomed.

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Unless you spend gold, level 40 isn’t very exciting; 45 looks to have a lot of action.

At 40, we get this:

Double Pistol for 23k coins. 400 damage, 15 mag size, 20% crit, 1.33 shots/sec, 40% chance of “mega weaken”.

I don’t know which elite items become available at 40. If someone under 40 wants to post them, I can post their stats.

I should specify that the double pistol is a great weapon; my lack of excitement stems from the lack of any new armor or mechs. One good new gun doesn’t go as far as you might hope.

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Hmm that looks like a big upgrade to my M1 rifle. It takes ages to kill stuff on the farm.

There is a massive difference in premium and non-premium armour from what I’ve seen so far.

It would be great to be able to see the stats and costs of items even when they are unlocked. That way you can plan your purchases better when you are close to new upgrades.

ProspectorSam, could you post the stats of Bulwark armour and the cost? Are Thrash, Murdoch and Babylon all premium mercs? If not can you post their cost and stats? I’m level 27 now and is the next non-premium gun the winchester 70, what are its stats?

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Bulwark is 175 def. for 19k. Murdoch & Babylon are premium. Thrash is good. 50 attack, 1100 health. I think he comes with the spread-shot flame weapon. It’s a little less powerful than the double pistol, but the spread makes it useful on 1 merc for clearing out large herds of small creeps.

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Has anyone tried out the scythe? It says is does 1000 swings per second … damage 750 with mega weaken.

Also Big Betty looks rather good. Expensive though. A super minigun. Anyone tried it?

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Can anyone tell me the stats of Huntresses gun?