[The Grinns Tale] Having Trouble With iOS installation

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So I have been away from this game for a while now, but after playing all the terrible games available in the app store, i have realized how awesome this game actually is and I really wanna start playing again.

However, I ran into a big issue: It won’t show up in the app store. Not only that, but any outer link to downloading the app will lead me to the app store with a message saying “this app is not available in the US.” I tried changing my location a few times(UK and Canada) but I just got the same message but with a different country.

Ive reset my device several times, Ive tried several different links to the app download, Ive searched for an answer to this for 3+ hours on a plethora of different websites and I have yet to make any progress. I would have put this in the FAQ, but I have a hunch that this is by no means a frequent issue, based on the fact that I have found roughly 0 results involving kongregate or its forums in my searches.

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The app was removed, Kong/Facebook is about it for now. I agree, this game gives you more to do than The Simpsons game, freaking buying donuts.