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Entrance of World War:

Players can enter World War through the World War icon which lies next to the icon of Avalon Chest at the upper right corner of the city interface.

Battlefield of World War:

3 Neutral areas (a Bright foothold and a Dark foothold are located in each of them) and both Factions’ lands.

Rule of the World War
1. World War lasts for *24*4 hours*, during which players need to annihilate all enemy troops in the 3 neutral areas before they can go to the enemy Faction’s land to Scout, Rob and Seize.

2. There are two phases in World War. The first is fighting in the neutral areas and the second is expedition in factions’ land. Players have to finish the first phase before going into the second.

3. The first phase takes place in the 3 neutral areas. There is a Bright Faction’s Foothold and a Dark Faction’s Foothold located in each of the neutral areas. Only when the troops in all enemy’s Footholds are destroyed, can players enter the second phase.

4. The second phase takes place in both Factions’ land. Players can enter enemy’s land and run expeditions to their cities, like Scout, Rob and Seize.

5. The marching time for reaching footholds in first phase, and Scout, Rob and Seize opponent players in World War is fixed: the time of the first phase is 30 minutes; the time of the second phase is 5 minutes for Scout and 30 minutes for Rob and Seize.

6. Seizing cool-down is 24 hours.
Accelerate seizing cool-down: every one hour costs 1 Diamond/Magic Potion.

7. Players will see different contents when they enter the World War at different time. During the first phase, players can see the Merits Rank and the remaining enemy troops in each neutral area. During the second phase, players can see his Exploits and Rank for capturing enemy cities and that of his League.

8. About Rank and Reward: Players can see their rank and reward by clicking the Rank and Reward button during the second phase.

9. There will be big rewards for World War and the rewards for the first and second phases will be sent respectively by mail. To make it more awesome, there are personal rewards and league rewards for the second phase. Top 3 players from both Factions can get the Title Reward: Bright/Dark King, Bright/Dark Warrior and Bright/Dark Fighter. The title will appear beside player’s name when they talk in Chat Box and last till the winner comes up.

Top 3 players in both Faction can get Title rewards

Player will have a title besides his/her name when speaking in Chat Box. The title will last till the next winner comes up.

Top 20 players in both Faction can get reward:

Top 3 League in both Factions can get rewards:

10. Different Banners: when a city is captured by enemies in the second phase, his city will have Red Banner with Yellow name.

11. System notice: there will be a system notice when a Foothold is destroyed, all Footholds of a Faction are destroyed, a player get high Exploits in one battle or the best 3 players in the Exploits Ranking are announced.

12. Truce: when Truce is used during World War, the troops going on expeditions will be cancelled and sent back to the Departure City. Players will have chances to get one free Truce per day in battle of seizing players from opponent Faction.

13. Each player can seize 5 already seized cities per day. There’s no limitation of seizing non seized cities.
Seized Cities panel: there will be Faction Column and Select Column in the Seized Cities panel. Players can use Levy All on seized cities they select.

14. Accelerate March: every 30 minutes cost 5 Diamonds/Magic Potions, and the total amount will be 30 Diamonds/Magic Potions at most. It can be used to reduce the remaining time by 90% and can only be used once.

15. Players can send troops from their Subcities to rob and ransack, but not seizing.

16. Players cannot relocate to the enemy Faction.

17. Level of Lord has to reach Lv.20 to take part in seizing attacks.

18. Players will have to repel to get back their main cities seized by opponent players after World War ends, and seizing scores during this activity will be counted into their total scores.

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Are your dates wrong, as you have world war and Fb running at the same time 0 0

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hi Ace1984, yes, it’s my fault, I’m sorry I forgot the start time of FB.
I’ve re-arranged the start time of World War, I guess you’ve got my mail.

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Do you have to enter world war? Example can my city be seized if i don’t enter through interface button?

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is the 24*4 hours the total of the 2 phases? or are both phases 4 days long each?

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@Ace1984, yes, you could be seized even if you don’t enter it.
@tommcfall, 24*4 hours contain 2 phases.

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Well Personally i think that event need to change. Why can you not set it up like faction battle, with a different interface altogether. Why should i be forced to compete in an event i don’t want anything to with. Just gives the lv100 plus player more reason to target the low level players, which will lead to quits and your game being a complete failure. You should have the choice to enter the war. That way you are agreeing to have your city seized!

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because who would volunteer to have their city seized? not many people… if they run the event every needs to be involved otherwise it is flawed in the fact that nobody would play… does the senate prestige penalty still apply for the event?

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and to be honest, this is a war game… if you can’t handle being attacked, then maybe this isn’t the right game for you

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Yes. The senate prestige penalty still applies. However, because players have multiple accounts and allies, they have been ignoring it. High level player “Gun” seizes low level player “Knife” and loses prestige. High level player and league mate Pistol then seizes “Gun” (and now is the new landlord for Knife) and then abandons Gun at his leisure. I was that low level player “Knife” and have been passed around by the same league three times.

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ah i see, though i don’t see that happening much on our server so i’m feeling ok about that :P

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Originally posted by tommcfall:

and to be honest, this is a war game… if you can’t handle being attacked, then maybe this isn’t the right game for you

oh, tom, can i give you a hug?

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Originally posted by tommcfall:

and to be honest, this is a war game… if you can’t handle being attacked, then maybe this isn’t the right game for you

Many individuals can’t handle battle-oriented games anyway. In Mafia Wars, there are people who sent emails (tickets) to the developer complaining that they had been attacked by the same guy including one of my crybaby friends I knew for years. I don’t know how many people here played that game but the list of people that you can attack is created by the game itself, at least when I last played it years ago. But people cry anyway as if they were being specifically targeted by a “bully”. So what can this “bully” do? Not play the game at all? Only attack people they can’t beat? Who plays like that?

In Castlot, players have created their own personal empire, something they can’t do in real-life. Thus, they protect it by making up rules for everyone to follow. Self-entitlement is a psychological problem of virtual dictators. They can’t get what they want in real-life but they can try in games.

So when a level 100 loses that level 50 seize, he goes on a rampage on world chat whining about “seizing stealing”. He complains that his league is now lower in scoreline to make it appear that it isn’t just about him but his league is suffering as well.

So what’s a level 50 player to do? Not play the game at all because all the other level 50s around him have been taken by these empire builders? Isn’t seizing one of the quests too? It is ignorant to have people stop playing the game in order to satisfy some knucklehead’s ego.

If a high-level player took the seize, stop whining and take it back. Who cares if hero-less troops are defenseless. The enemy suffers from the same problem so whining about it simply means that the game — any game — isn’t for you. They whine as if everyone else has the advantage.

Many of these empire builders also created their virtual make-believe empire by taking from everyone else including “throw-away” multi-accounts that he or others had created. If these inactive accounts were to somehow stop producing resources and gold, then you will force these crybabies to log on to these accounts every so often to keep them active. If the scoreline only includes cities from active accounts, then you will probably see an up tick in activity.

You can’t stop multi-account users but at least you can make them work harder, not have them create all these accounts that they can let go idle while reaping the benefits from these idle accounts.

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@ideachannel if a hug is code language for a red SA card then i’m all up for it ;)

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What is the seizing cool-down that lasts 24 hours?

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It’s very rare I feel motivated enough to write on a game forum, but I enjoy this game and enjoy talking to the people that play it.

I know the arguments about it being a war game etc. and yes you are quite correct, it is a war game(ish), but with this particular event I feel that the mechanics of it make for some very poor game play for many players.

Q. Have I been “owned” in the world war – Answer yes, all troops wiped and obviously all cities seized

As a lvl 100 character you of course would not expect to be able to compete with the 110’s on the server (server 6 by the way) so of course you expect to loose.

I think there is a fundamental flaw in the design of this event in that it gives me no incentive to participate in this event as it stands as if i do seize any opposing faction players, all I will do is hand the seize scores back over to the 110 players when they re-seize my cities. So as it stands I (and I suspect several other players) will just sit out this event, waiting for it to end and then try and rebuild.

I’m hoping that the developers will look at this event in the future and try and come up with some fixes for it, as I think it could be a very decent event if handled right.

For me I think the thing that really annoys people the most is the loss of the seized cities. People have spent a lot of time and effort to build up a score on these and when all it takes is a higher rank player to just take them with almost 0 notice (ok 30 mins or less) and 0 risk then it really takes a lot of the edge from the game.

Previously if you wanted to seize another factions city then you would have to send out troops that would take a considerable time to reach their target. This requires an effort, as hero’s and troops would be gone for long periods and guild mates of the attacked person could then help in some way (reinforce or send counter attacks) this then gave an element of RISK to the attacking player at would make them think before attacking.

In my opinion this makes it more of a challenge, as it stands the WW is NO challenge to the largest players, they can take with 0 risk. I don’t blame them for doing this, I suspect most of the lower ranked players would happily do the same if they were in that position, but I do think this is a serious flaw in the design of this event.

My suggestions for this? To address the thing that I think will be upsetting people the most, I would reset the sieges back at the end of the event. For the duration of WW I would have no prestige penalty for attacking any level of player to counteract the fact that sieges would be reset. This way all players could have fun sending their troops against the enemy (and getting them wiped out as well!) without having their scores and seizes set to 0 every time this event is run.

I’m sure I will be shot down by a few here, but I’m a big girl so will welcome comment on my thoughts.

As I said, I’m going to sit this out and start playing again after this is over as (to me at least) this event is broken and does not provide a good playing experience for what I suspect is the majority of less vocal players who don’t end up writing far more than they intended on the forum (oops sorry!)

I do hope they fix this, as if this event continues in it’s current format I’m not sure how many people will want to continue to try and seize cities just to give them as a free gift to high level players in the next WW.

I guess in summary, if you’re going to continue with this you have GOT to add some risk elements in there for higher level players if you are going to persist with the seizes being permanent. Another idea could be a randomly triggered level appropriate counter attack by an NPC army on the attackers cities (would need to be strong enough to at least make them think)

Ah well, typical girl, talked too much as usual :o)

Enjoy the game


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Even if the Rival Faction is not allowing me to do much during this event, I still enjoy it. I do suggest the scoring for this event be changed though. It should give out points for successfully robbing, ransacking, defending against attacks and using schemes. These points should remain permanent. This is my reason. The Spartans (Server 6) are overwhelming me (Miles lvl 81) and are keeping my score at 0. But I have still been forcing them to make generous donations to my city and my League (ArchDefender). XD For that I don’t think my score should be 0. :) I also agree with Sylkie, there should be more risk elements added to this event. —Miles Server 6

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I like the idea of “resetting” the seizes back to what it was before the event. I thought of that as well but I suspect that many players won’t like it, especially those who paid money. I also like the idea of the scoring to include other activities like robbing.

Also, I should point out that money players are essentially untouchable (except by other money players and only when they get lucky) in this event, more so than any other event. A big spender on one of the servers have been fast marching his troops to quick kills. Seizing main cities after main cities, especially when his victim is off-line. And then he truces so it is impossible to attack him directly, not even by other money players. He then whines in the chat about seize stealing and make threats (e.g. he will remember you for “stealing” for the next WW).

It works so well for him that other high level Dark players followed suit (except for the threats).

Perhaps a cooldown before using truce. If a player seized two or more cities in any 8-hour period or more than three in any 24 hour period, he can’t use truce for 24 hours. Thus, any big spender with a big mouth who is bulldozing his competition is at risk of losing his seizes for at least 24 hours.

And another thing, a player can seize, then abandon you before the cool-down is over, and then re-seize you to start a new cool down clock. That means that the big spender noted above can keep you on cool-down for the entire event.

An abandon cooldown would limit this. If a city is abandoned, that abandoned city cannot be re-seized for 24 hours UNLESS that player seizes another player’s city. So for example if the big spender abandoned my city, he cannot retake my city for 24 hours unless I go seize someone else. If I seize, then the big spender is free to attack. Otherwise, he and his big mouth will have to wait.

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well said BossHogg88, also why are troops with no hero’s so useless, can someone explain this to me please? i sent out my main hero’s and forgot to reset my defences for protection, while i am offline a lvl 110 send 1 wave of 18k each troop, this wipes out the 330k each troop i had in my barracks and if he didnt have HOG on he would have lost about 3k troops total, it doesnt make any sense to me

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Heroes boost the attack and defense of the troop type it is commanding. The difference between a heroless-troop and a hero-led troop grows as the player moves up in level (and plus any enhancements to equipment). At lower levels (as in level 10, maybe 20, back in the day when you could seize at that low level), you might have gotten away with doing a lot of damage using no heroes but at higher levels, not so much.

Then there’s the scrolls. So the strength of the heroes plus scrolls make a huge difference. Players that played the longest tend to have accumulated the best scrolls from explore — so it pays to take your time leveling up and not rush up the level in order to accumulate scrolls.

With my level 50 account, I have almost 200k of each troop type with no heroes attacked by Darks. A level 86, level 90, and a level 100. The 86 and 90 did damage but after two waves each (for a total of 4) I still had over 100k of each troop type. The level 100 needed only one wave and took the city. It was one of my already-seized city so by his own chiefs words, that would be “seize stealing”. He then proceeded to attempt to take a city that had heroes, one of my sub-city. The level 100 failed miserably and did not try again.

Two of the three attackers came from the same league as the big spender who whines about seize stealing, the same big spender who spent the last 16 hours (at a minimum) of the event under truce after taking a huge lead in exploits.