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I was giving a new player some suggestions in kong chat and figured I’d start this thread since no one had done so yet. Please add more tips; or corrections if you don’t agree with something I said.

Add allies. You get a number of bronze medals each day based on how many allies you have, capping out at 10 medals for 30 allies.

Weapons seem to miss a lot more when not firing from their stated range. A long range bot will frequently miss if the enemy gets into short range.

ignite and deflect appear to work off of main/right hand damage. Having your higher damage weapon on the right side helps these skills.

Along with high speed, stun and knockback are good skills to help short range mechs close with the enemy or long range mechs keep them away.

melee/short range weapons include guns and pure melee weapons like maces and swords. Pure melee weapons have to be in melee range to be used while guns can fire at long/medium range with the apparent miss penalty and fire at short range further back than a pure melee weapon can. If you use pure melee weapons you will want a high speed mech to close the gap between combatants quickly. My short range mech pilot has the stun skill to help get close and stay there.

Protect your win streak by shuffling when you are facing a mech that will obviously beat you. You get more medals per fight if you have a winstreak going and it makes a big difference in how fast your mech improves. (Up to 5 per fight at 20 wins based on what I have seen so far) More silver medals means more chances at a random good item and more junk items to enhance the parts you use.

I’m avoiding adding particular suggestions on stats and setup because I don’t know what is best. Personally, I think speed and damage are more important than health (though I put my first 5 research points in health before deciding this. I’ll put my next 5 in speed). I also use 2 long weapons or 2 short weapons. I would not put one long and one short on a mech due to the range issue.

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Long range weapons are better id say.Also enhancing one mech is always better than enhancing 3. My 1 mech almost always wins those guys who have 3 mechs with summary stats 2x higher than my 1 mech,the trick is that my mech have higher speed and shots first,also dmg is that high so can kill any mech in the third round ,and as i shot first,i take damage only in one round for every mech.Also i use heal before killing enemy mech,so i end fight with pretty healthy mech and can beat other enemy mechs.

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I generally concur with what has been said by InDark1 and Phoboo. The goal is to be able to carry a winning streak to 50+ in order to earn 5 silver packs per 10 units of fuel. In order to do that you need to be able to do Round 1 kills most of the time.

My favored setup (spoilers)…
Mech 1
2 short range weapons with critical damage 2.5x (favorites Pamela / Hark Wuu-zi – both 3 star weapons)
Fast legs with 5% damage boost
Chassis with 10% speed boost
4 star pilot with Ignite skill.

Mech 2 – None
Mech 3 – None

Research Focus – Short Damage & Speed.

The Ignite skiil is in case your round 1 shots miss or are evaded. Ignite delivers serious damage and cannot be evaded – virtually guarantees a Round 3 kill.

Target opponents with 2-3 mechs, all of which are 100+ points slower than your mech – and you have a good change or making a Round 1 kill each time.

A maxed out 4 star pilot can critical hit about 38% of the time. With the damage maximised I have seen both Pamela / Hark Wuu-zi do 65k+ damage each per attack round.


Don’t attack with 2nd & 3rd mechs – taking extra mechs into a fight is a waste of fuel & also results in you facing much tougher opponents. Dismantle all 2nd & 3rd mechs

Don’t mix your weapon ranges otherwise your 2nd weapon will miss most of the time. Effectively halving your firepower.

Don’t use Medium weapons – they miss often & the knockback effect of the first weapon pushes your opponent out of range so your 2nd medium weapon misses.

Don’t use Melee weapons – if are not fast enough, you do not get in range to strike in round 1 – making your mech a sitting duck.

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Actually, melee weapons have very good damage output and high end mechs can go from long range to melee in 1 turn easily enough. As such, my personal favourite setup is actually a single mech with double crit boost melee weapons (mjollnirs or failing that, kurosawas) with melee/close range damage and speed research priorities. I enter the fights where I can expect to go first and rush the enemy. Even if I don’t score a massive OHK crit (and those crits are common on maxed 4* pilots), damage boosts generally mean the first hit advantage lets me carry the fight.

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What is the effect of “absorb 5% damage…”?
Do i gain what i absorbed in health or just block it?

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I got extremely lucky with a gem purchase and got a 5 star chasis with bonus hp. Needless to say I’ve been stacking HP and using hp attack from my commander.