[Mech Conquest] New bug after the update

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I am experiencing the 99% freeze bug since the update. I never had that bug before, but now it occurs like once every 3 battles. It’s really annoying and it also resets the winning streak which is kinda painful.

Moreover, there are some new graphic glitches. The hanger background is a bulk of purple pixel. And in the snowy battle scene, purple square pixels fly all over the screen instead of snowflakes.

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Thanks for the report. The purple issues is currently only happening on web, Facebook and Kongregate. When you get the 99% issue can you please check if the opponent mech appears during the engage screen.

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I’m adding to this thread since these bugs started in the last 5 days as far as I can tell.

I’ve been getting 9 bronze medals a day for allies instead of 10. I was getting 10 before about 4 days ago and have 45 allies.

That’s not so bad, since I have been getting the 7 day rare medal every day for the last 5 days. I cycled through the 7 day menu once and then it repeated. This time around I don’t see the menu anymore, but get a medal each morning as if it is day 7 again.

That’s not as good as it sounds, 5 rare medals in a row have all given me 3 star legs with absorb 25 focus as a bonus. The leg model has varied but they have all been 3 star with that bonus which seems odd.

Finally, I just started building my second ship when I had a trade ship upgrade in progress. My workers changed from 1/2 to -6/2 and I noticed afterwards that I could start another upgrade while those two were going. it shows up in the list and I have -7/2 workers. I noticed after a reload it went back to -6/2 with the third trade ship bay not being upgraded. I was again able to select upgrade and start it upgrading with -7/2 workers and it remained in that state after a test reload. Both times it used the 42k credits but this time it reset the timer on the first upgrade that was started before the ship upgrade started.