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Some folks always ask for a way to rate heroes so they can tell which heroes are better and worth keeping. We need to describe the skills and what they are for too. Which someone has already done for us, even if the list may be outdated:

The game has different areas like the Portal, the Arena, the Colisseum, the Party Portal, event maps and raiding other cities. Sometimes heroes can be more adequate for just some of those.

Heroes for the Portal

It varies per map sometimes. I hear that at the difficult Transylnia’s boss, having mages that can use Illusion or Confusion on chargers can help your casters/archers to survive that bit longer to beat it.

Heroes for the Arena

Every week the arena changes the rules favoring some types of heroes and weakening others. One week, buffs are disallowed. The other week, Fire element heroes are better. And so on. Also the arena heroes start at level 1 favoring lower level heroes. Even if you have hero above level 1 it will be recognized by the arena system as if it were a level 1 hero with the added skills if you have them, though.

This can help you to use lower level heroes as fillers for your stronger teams for that week.

Also the arena doesn’t have the collection bonuses, so heroes that are stronger by default can really enjoy that extra advantage.

Table of Contents

  1. Battlegrounds
    1. Portal
    2. Arena
    3. Colisseum
    4. Party Portal
    5. Event Maps
    6. Raiding Cities
  2. Hero Differences
    1. Monsters
    2. Rare
    3. Tiers
  3. Skills
    1. Skill Tier
    2. Chargers (New!!)
    3. Fighters (New!!)
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Heroes for the Colisseum

For the Colisseum the heroes can be as strong as they get. The balancing part of the Colisseum is entirely based on a system of promotion and demotion from leagues. So if you are truly against much more powerful opponents, you will be demoted and have a chance to face opponents more level to you.

The Colisseum heroes enjoy all the stats bonuses the game offers, including guild and collection bonuses. To bring your best heroes in a way that they work well as a team can really make a difference here.

Heroes for the Party Portal

The Party Portal uses just 3 heroes of the same type. They are all fighters or all archers. Each hero can only bring its main skill for the party though. The secondary skills don’t work for the party. That’s why customizing your heroes per their main skill can make a difference here.

First you need to decide about which hero will be placed as 1st and have its skill triggered more often. Active skills that do more damage or that make a huge difference are best placed as the 1st one.

The second and third heroes also bring their main skills to the party. So if you have them with buff or passive skills, alongside the main active skill of the first hero, it can really help out as each skill gets to enjoy max optimization and does not conflict with one another as though they were from the same type of active or buff skills.

Heroes with rapid fire or rapid magic that hit twice are highly interesting. As are the two fighters with Magic Eye as main skill, Lisa and Ray, for their loot quality improvements. Lisa and Ray are the only heroes in the entire game at the moment with Magic Eye as main skill, which is what works for the Party Portal.

The 1st hero also sets the main element affinity for the party. If the 1st hero is of the Fire element, it means that the party can better use skills that are related to fire for either attacking or defense, like auras! But the aura needs to be of the same element. That’s why heroes with auras as first skill can be so interesting for the Party Portal, as they help to increase the damage done by the 1st hero’s strong attacking skill. Auras with 35% or 50% more damage can really make a difference. But that’s only if your team is not the Magic Eye type with Lisa and Ray.

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Heroes for the Event Maps

Right now we are undergoing the Xmas event. And before that we also had the Halloween event. Both events brought with them very cool event maps. Those maps made available loots with best of the breed gear like some of the best weapons and some of the best rings we have ever seen.

To improve the chance to get the good loot we need heroes with one of these skills, Magic Eye (40% better loot), Explorer (20% better loot) or the new Santa’s Blessing skill composed by two skills Explorer and Elite (10% more experience.)

Raiding other cities

If we raid other cities we get upon successful attacks some good amount of resources including 30 to 160 soulstones, up to 15 times a day.

The heroes need to either be the best ones possible if you are facing some strong defense, or can be customized as a weaker force to try to improve the loot amount which is affected by the difference of your attack to the city’s defense. If that difference is too big you may loot only the minimum.

Like at the Colisseum, your heroes can enjoy max advantage of all the game upgrades and bonuses when attacking other cities.

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Monsters vs Non-Monsters

With the inclusion of the monster heroes, Harpies and Wolves, the game got shaken up a little. Monsters by default have more stats than other similar heroes, Humans, Elves and Dwarves. Monsters also include an extra skill by default, which is often Haste on Wolves for +1 extra movement, or Blind or debuff on Harpies to disable an enemy for two turns.

On the other hand, non-Monsters can enjoy collection bonuses and bonuses given by mystic and Colisseum tactical cards.

Monsters with their stronger default stats and extra skills can be a good feature on the Arena even if they are just level 1 and used just as fillers.

Harpies tend to enjoy an extra point of attacking range too, if they are archers or casters. Even if their attacking ability can be a little below that of other much stronger attackers.

So if you have non-Monsters, try to take advantage of those bonuses to catch up with the monsters. On the other hand, if you don’t care as much about those bonuses, using monsters can really play to your strength. :-)

Rare vs non-Rare

Rare heroes have a sparkling, shining, bright, checkered background. They are generally better than heroes of the same level or tier.

Non-Rare heroes may start with fewer stats points, but if given a chance with the right skills, they could excel just as much as the rare ones.

Besides the difference that the game makes between Rare and non-Rares, other differences like the odds to get heroes or whether the heroes are available just during an event can make them even more rare.

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A very estavalicious guide, +1

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Heroes have stars to designate their tiers. Ranging from 1 star to 5 stars. Tiers can be thought of as levels too. So you would expect a level 2 hero to be better than a level 1 hero.

Sometimes though, lower tier heroes can defy their origins and work just as well as some of the higher tier ones. Some lower tier heroes with good stats and good skills can really help out even experienced players.

Part of the reason that lower tier heroes continue to be important later on is because the armies can be limited by total requisition points. For our main army, at the moment, the max requisition points is 33. Considering that each point equals one star, that is a little more than 10 heroes of 3 stars each. But heroes with 4 stars and even 5 stars exist, even if they are difficult to get.

Lower tier heroes can work as fillers to try to fit as many high quality heroes as possible into the max requisition points of your army. Although, even when well below that max, lower tier heroes can be useful. They help with looting, with saving resources when launching battles, when trying to optimize synergy and collection bonuses, or even because they just rock and you do not yet have many higher tier heroes to choose from.

Rare tier 1s with the right skills can work as well as good tier 2s would. Even common tier 1s with the right skills, leveled up and with good gear can continue to deliver well into the latter stages of the game.

Tier 1s make up nearly all of the heroes that we hire. They do have on average fewer stats and potentially worse skills than tier 2s. As tier 2s have fewer stats and potentially worse skills than tier 3s. Those tiers are the ones we’ll be playing with for most of the game. Tier 4s and 5s are really rare. The first tier 4 the game prizes us with is when the Lord reaches level 40! Before that, only luck or perhaps some money credit can get you more of them.

As a goal, try to find good tier 2s that you can rely on, even if they are not rare by the game standards. Tier 1s can still work very well, too. In fact, some collection bonuses given to faction heroes can make your tier 1s to be as strong as tier 2s. And perhaps your tier 2s to be as strong as tier 3s! For instance, Royal Knights and Crimson Hammer collections which with 10 heroes give as many as 16 extra stats to each hero stat, and +50 to all element defenses on top of that!

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Skill tier

Sometimes we refer to skills as tier 1, tier 2, tier 3 skills… New players wonder why is that.

The reason is that skills that are weakest are more commonly found in tier 1 heroes. Skills that give a buff or debuff of only 5 stat points for instance.

Those skills may also have stronger versions that are more commonly found in latter tier heroes. Then the buff or debuff may be of 10 or 15 stat points instead.

That’s why a skill may be referred to based on a tiered system. Even tier 3 heroes may have tier 1 skills. Experienced players don’t like it when that happens and may avoid playing with said heroes.

Conversely, lower tier heroes, sometimes the rare ones, may enjoy some higher tier skills if you’re lucky enough to get them. Because luck is needed to get the heroes and then to get the right skills on the 10th and 20th hero level.

Skills like Shadowhide that hide the hero for 1 turn have a better version in the Darkness skill that hides the hero for 2 turns instead. Even attacking skills have weaker versions mostly found in tier 1 heroes, and stronger versions found in latter tier heroes.

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I will add that on the tiers of skill, “Massive” is the largest descriptor of damage. With Incredible being equivalent in damage. Some heroes also have unique skills. Although these are generally tier 4 rare or t5 heroes.

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Charger Skills

The preferable charger skills are skills that block damage, that help with evading hits, that turn the charger invisible for 1 to 3 turns, or that heal the charger back up.

Skills that only block either physical attacks or magical attacks tend to be good, but leave the charger exposed to the other kind of attack. Mainly though, in PvP, chargers can be targeted by fighters. In which case, having physical damage blocking would help out. In PvE, skills that only block magical damage can be rather good as well.

One bad skill that can haunt chargers is Warp. Warp often takes the place of a more important skill which is by itself bad. The fact that the charger could wait several turns to act after being warped around can result in the downfall of the charger both in PvP and PvE.

A charger with either Confusion or Illusion could be interesting. A charger with a debuff of some kind could also be interesting. But chargers that invest skills into those tend to be more short-lived.

Tidbit – more broadly, chargers that are tier 3 can at least enjoy advanced guild stats bonuses.

A list of readily available charger skills:

  • Blocking – 25% reduced damage. Main skill on Carpeia. Secondary skill on Evolving Black Wolf.
  • Back Step – 30% evade. Secondary skill on Atia.
  • Wind Step – 35% evade. Secondary on Sky Colina.
  • Shadowhide – invisible for 1 turn. Main on Jonderin. Secondary on Young Likos.
  • Darkness – invisible for 2 turns. Secondary on Erutha.
  • Dark Soul – heal 25% on ally death. Secondary on wolves.
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Fighter Skills

Fighters prefer to target chargers and defenders. If a charger sneaks past your defense wall, then it’s the role of the fighter to help to deal with that enemy as soon as possible. Setting the fighter AI to high on effectiveness is important.

Some chargers have invisibility skills, and every turn that the charger is still around reduces your chances to win the fight. Chargers prefer to target casters and archers, which weakens them if they manage survive. In PvP, having fighters with detection ability is important as that ability allows the fighter to see invisible enemies.

While the chargers are busy chasing the casters and archers, the fighters are free to target the chargers. As chargers mostly don’t attack fighters when the AI is set to effectiveness.

Fighters nearly always are built for the offense and the skills should follow that rule. Attacking skills starting with the all too awesome rapid fire for double hit make the top of the list. Auras that add to the damage also help. As do buffs that increase the strength for 3 turns like Enrage. Passive skills that add to the attack also help. But if the fighter can’t see the enemy, then the fighter cannot deal with the enemy in a timely fashion. That’s why in PvP folks want their fighters with detection ability.

On the defensive side, fighters need to be aware that enemy archers will try to kill them from afar. That’s why fighters with evading skill can keep their strength for longer and help the enemy archers to waste an attacking turn.

Here’s a list of readily available skills:

  • Rapid Fire – Double hit. Main skill on Charles. Secondary skill on Ohare and plenty other t2s and t3s.
  • Element Blaster – Deal powerful elemental damage. Main skill on Breck and on other similar t3s. Secondary on others like Wind Kastro.
  • Berserker – Buff to increase strength by 60% and decrease will power by 40% for 3 turns. Main on Lost Klide and Kaisel. Secondary on Shar.
  • Detection – See invisible units. Main on Young Behamos. Secondary on many others, from t1s to t3s.
  • Lunatic Eye – See invisible units and 10% more damage to chargers. Main on Polkomen and Hele the Silent. Secondary on Zylnia.
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Defender Skills

The primary role of defenders is to serve as distractions to the enemy attackers. A secondary role of defenders is to help to block and deal with enemy chargers.

Defenders tend to be bad attackers themselves. Not to mention that being upfront, near the enemy lines, defenders that risked being attackers would meet their fate much sooner.

Being targeted by a lot of enemies, defenders need all the help they can get from both skills and stats to resist that bit longer. Most stats go into will points, given that most enemies are physical attackers such as archers and fighters.

Defenders have different classes such as Swordman, Gladiator, Battlemaster… What differentiates them is how much HP per unit they get, mostly. Since the attack points matter a little less for defenders.

The new Orc defender heroes are very good too. Four of the Orc defenders have some affinity to a element. Fire Orc, Earth Orc, etc. Their defense is stronger against enemies of that same element. Also there’s a new Darkness Daorc Orc hero. That one is rare and stronger than the other ones.

When deciding which defender to use, look into things like how much HP per unit they have. The more the hero levels up, the greater that extra HP will be, sometimes offsetting relatively weaker skills.

The skills that help defenders mostly are these:

  • Blocking buff – Blocks 25% of the physical and magical damages. Lasts 3 turns. Found in Orcs and in many other older heroes. Being a main skill on the Orcs.
  • Solidarity buff – Blocks 40% of the physical and magical damages. Lasts 3 turns. Found in Canna, Kyderio, Stoma. In Canna it’s the main skill. In Kyderio and Stoma it’s a secondary skill.
  • Mental Wall buff – increases own will by 30% and decreases own strength by 25%. Lasts 3 turns. Found in the Orcs as a class skill present by default on them.
  • Mental Fortress buff – increases own will by 60% and decreases own strength by 45%. Lasts 3 turns. Found in
    Hasmusto as a main skill and in Cursed Ledfei as a secondary skill.
  • Cure counter – chance to heal self for 20% of the damage taken. Found in many defenders such as Canna and Kyderio where it’s a secondary skill.
  • Resurrection counter – chance to heal self for 25% of the damage taken. Found in Victorious Owen as a main skill.
  • Back Step – 30% chance to evade a normal attack. Found in Kyderio and Lichne as a secondary skill.
  • Dark Soul – Heal self by 25% HP when an ally force dies. Found in Hasmusto and Rascal Duora as a secondary skill.
  • Element Protection – Reduces elemental damage taken by 30%. Found in Hasmusto, Rascal Duora, Libre and Young Siaris as secondary skill.
  • Drain element counter – Heals self by 60% of the damage taken from an enemy of that same element. Found in Orcs, Traveler Rejyna and Defender Arberes.
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Resurrection actually heals 30% of the damage taken – regeneration is the 25% one. Also, these skills are not counters but reactive skills; counters specifically reflect a portion of the damage taken. Elemental drain reactives only restore a percentage of the elemental damage taken, the raw damage is still taken in full. There’s also hands skills to disrupt enemy formations and sanctuary to block all damage for a few attacks.

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i think holy barrier is also an important skill for defenders. fully absorbing 2 attacks is great i think